Name of Set: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
Number of Cards: 100
Release Date: August 3rd, 2018
Languages Available: English

Set Information

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Strikes Again in Weiss Schwarz's Expansion

Bushiroad's own "Idol" game – BanG Dream! Girls Band Party joins the English Weiss Schwarz collection in its latest expansion, released on August 3rd. The expansion, as with all Weiss Schwarz expansions, contains 100 distinct cards, but this time it comes with a whopping 145 Parallel rares. Each pack contains eight cards and has a manufacturer standard retail price of 2,99 €. Fans of the games and characters will also find a lot to like here, with each of the bands in the game getting five signed cards per band for the voice actors. Overall, there are more signed cards in this set than there are cards in the set. So, if you want those sweet special rares, this is the expansion to crack (if your wallet can take it).

Trial Decks Galore for These Bands

Unlike with most expansions, there are two trial decks for Bushiroad's latest outing. One for the band Roselia and one for the ban Poppin' Party. The Roselia trial deck focuses on Yukina Minato and is blue, which means players should expect popular abilities like Change and Brainstorm. Additionally, two types of Level 3 characters are included in each trial deck and the deck has one special signed card – making it a must have for BanG Dream fans looking to complete their collection.

Special Abilities for Each Band Mean You Can Build Around Your Favorites!

As this expansion focuses on BanG Dream, players can expect cards from each of the BanG Dream bands – Poppin' Party, Afterglow, Pastel Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World. Additionally, each of these bands comes with their own unique traits that allow players to build around individual bands without having to mix and match. Poppin Party has more affinity with the older BanG Dream booster pack, allowing you to bolster your existing decks significantly with it. Afterglow has a new Alarm mechanic, allowing you to trick your opponent with unknown information. Pastel Palettes continues their multicolor theme, allowing players to build from the strengths of each color. Roselia is meant for newer players and will be very synergistic with the above Trial Deck and Hello, Happy World will act as the combo band, giving players access to significantly more powerful climax combos than the other bands. This expansion gives players lots of options to explore with many different buildable archetypes, while also existing in sync with previous BanG Dreams expansions! So, get out there and make your band-based decks the best they can be!