Set Information

Everyone Gets a Chance to Shine in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! MULTI LIVE

The newest BanG Dream! Weiss Schwarz release is a bit different from what we're used to. It's a collection of products originally meant to be sold separately. It doesn't feature a recurring mechanic or a cohesive and synergistic theme, but rather includes several small groupings of cards that go into specific archetypes. Some of these are climax combos that involve up to five different Character cards! Let's take a closer look at the highlights of what each of the bands is getting:

  • The most exciting addition for Poppin'Party is the new Colorful Popping! Standby climax. While Standby itself isn't new to BanG Dream! or even to Poppin'Party specifically, its climax combos have been far from good and has seen little to no play. "Colorful Popping!" Rimi Ushigome and "Colorful Popping!" Tae Hanazono are certainly good reasons to be building around Standby trigger synergies as this kind of strategy is likely to be quite popular.
  • Hello, Happy World! is getting more support for its main theme: hitting hard and triggering often. We already saw the groundwork for this being laid in the Girls Band Party! booster with cards like "Onstage" Kanon Matsubara and "Onstage" Kokoro Tsurumaki that encourage both triggering specific cards and dealing damage in large chunks. "Magic of Smile" Hagumi Kitazawa and "Magic of Smile" Kokoro Tsurumaki both further support this theme by acting as a finisher and a search engine, respectively. "Magic of Smile" Misaki Okusawa makes the band more consistent by doubling up on triggers.
  • Designing cards for PastelPalettes is never easy. The creative effort behind the To the Bright Stage combo must have taken a lot of effort, but it was well worth it. The option to slam down "To the Bright Stage" Eve Wakamiya or "To Tell You About My True Self" Chisato Shirasagi as soon as level 1 using "To the Bright Stage" Aya Maruyama is powerful enough to push this gimmicky multicolored deck over the top! The addition of a top-tier level 0 utility like "Where the Strip of Paper Goes" Hina Hikawa further justifies taking Pastel*Palettes into consideration as a strong contender for the next season.
  • Afterglow is definitely the clear frontrunner for the best one-band deck and it might very well be the best BanG Dream! build altogether, thanks to a couple of major contributions from this booster. "Grow Up Rock" Ran Mitake is the elephant in the room here as an advance summon that is able to spawn more copies of itself while giving the whole field a power boost. It's a terrific way to deplete the opponent of resources and control the field. The Gold Bar trigger also increases the chances of deploying the combo over consecutive turns. Play it alongside its supporting cast, featuring "Grow Up Rock" Himari Uehara and "Grow Up Rock" Tsugumi Hazawa, and games will smoothly snowball into the notoriously powerful defensive endgame granted by "Accepting Feelings" Moca Aoba.
  • On the other side of the coin, Roselia benefits the least. None of its Trial Deck cards are actually new, but "Overlapping Blue Roses" Rinko Shirokane and "Overlapping Blue Roses" Ako Udagawa, along with the double bonder "Overlapping Blue Roses" Yukina Minato provide some nice new finishing options.

MULTI LIVE Hits the Sweet Spot

The card pool of BanG Dream! is already huge and the MULTI LIVE booster is a welcome addition to it. For starters, most of the cards from the set push deck-building towards a single band in order to get the most out of the new payoff cards. In fact, all Character cards now have their own band-specific trait that they refer to for most of their effects and synergies. This is great since it heavily improves the playability of decks featuring specific characters. It also allows hardcore fans to only play the characters they love in their builds, while also diversifying the gauntlet of tournament-worthy BanG Dream! decks. Secondly, and perhaps in a subtler way, most importantly, cards in the MULTI LIVE booster will only marginally affect the so-called "meta build." It is worth keeping in mind, however, that BanG Dream! has been among the most played sets this past season due to both its popularity and power level, so pushing it further might end up making it oppressive and unhealthy for the format.