Set Information

Walk the Path of Shadows and Fight for the Future

A temporal manipulation device operated by Gorilla Grodd alters the fabric of reality, taking the Dark Knight and his fiercest enemies back in time to Feudal Japan. The Joker and other villains are quick to settle in the new reality and soon make the divided land their own, as real feudal lords would, while Batman is welcomed by a Ninja Clan that for centuries has been waiting for a legendary Bat-like warrior, as foretold by an ancient prophecy…

The second ever English edition-exclusive release is here: Batman Ninja!

Batman Ninja Can Be Played Batman-Style or Joker-Style

Two main archetypes are easily identifiable in the set's card pool: the ::Weapon:: trait-based "Batman & Friends" deck and the Green/Red "Villains" deck. Not only are these decks made up of very distinct characters, being based on the two factions in conflict appearing in the original movie, but they also play in radically different ways:

  • If you're building a deck based around Batman and his allies, expect straightforward, no-nonsense effects. You get a reliable plus-ing combo in Catwoman, a simple yet effective advance summon in Catwoman: Unimpressed, and your finisher Batman Ninja is non-interactive and can be bonded to Alfred: Dutiful Butler. Sure, you can still pull off some neat tricks using Gorilla Grodd: Decoy and Batman: Infiltration, but this is a deck that emphasizes consistency and stability rather than flashy, complex interactions.
  • The Villains' deck is indeed very different. This build is all about doing crazy, ridiculous stuff – in pure Joker style. Ever wanted to defeat an opponent during their turn? Joker: Stealing the Limelight might be the card for you! Want to force someone into making bad decisions? Try Rock and a Hard Place! Do you enjoy taking unnecessary risks for negligible payoffs? You're going to love Exploding Barrel! To aid you in your quest in becoming the absolute madman (or at least have a good time trying), the Joker and his *ehm* closest collaborators have been featured on a number of playable cards. Take as examples the rather excellent early summon Joker, which conveniently helps you dig towards the appropriate card for the given situation, and Harley Quinn: Mighty Hammer, a very respectable finisher.

What's Not to Like?

Nobody could have predicted one of the most popular and influential Western superheroes of all time to be made into a Weiss Schwarz set, but guess what? It happened! Will it happen again? Who knows! In the meantime, the Dark Knight is already affecting the competitive scene by causing the first English Edition B&R announcement!

Batman Ninja released on 19 July 2019 together with the Booster Pack, Trial Deck, and Supply Set, consisting of five boosters, plus an exclusive deck box and card sleeves.