Set Information

Batman Ninja Gold Stamped

Batman Ninja Is the Second English Edition-Exclusive Weiss Schwarz Title!

The 2018 Bushiroad Championship Series (BCS) World Finals had just finished when the announcement hit: Batman Ninja, the 2018 animated film set in feudal Japan where, after some time travelling, the Dark Knight and the Joker face-off wielding katanas, will be the next exclusive title for English Edition Weiss Schwarz! With DC Comics’ support, original art being produced for this release, a unique aesthetic style, and starring some of the most popular fictional characters ever made, Batman Ninja is bound to be a smash hit.

While the official release date for the set has yet to be announced, an exclusive gold-stamped foil version of a Batman Ninja card has been revealed and will be awarded to the winning teams of Bushiroad Springfest 2019, taking place all over the world between March and June. Check back around June 2019 to know more about the set and what cool cards to expect. Stay tuned!