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They Just Won’t Stop Coming!

Once again, it’s time to discuss yet another English Edition release of Bushiroad’s own BanG Dream! The ever-increasing popularity of this franchise, first created in 2017, has resulted in the company investing heavily in its expansion across multiple media: music, various merchandise, a mobile phone game, an ongoing animated series, and of course, many booster sets in everyone’s favorite anime-based trading card game!

BanG Dream! now has enough cards that it could easily be its own TCG. And since a second season of the animated series premiered earlier this 2019, with a third one already scheduled for early 2020, there is just no way this band party will stop! Let’s take a look at the new cards.

Can You Feel the FEVER? Your Opponents Will!

Girls Band Party! Vol. 2 introduces a brand-new mechanic called FEVER. This new mechanic triggers powerful effects whenever the entire opposing board has been reversed and the right climax is in play. It is also available in all colors and for all bands, both on finishers and advantage combos. Plus, the cards it appears on go from pretty good to outright busted:

  • "Star-Shaped Tambourine" Kasumi Toyama, for instance, is a prime example of a card that is just too good. It has already been making waves in the Japanese Edition metagame because apparently getting (potentially) 2 cards out of your costless combo results in winning games. Who would have thought?
  • "Dense Cookies" Sayo Hikawa’s effect, on the other hand, is heavily limited by being an advantage combo stuck on a level 2 character. Sure, it’s powerful. But advance summons these days are so powerful that it’s difficult to adhere to a game plan that intentionally forgoes them. It’s rather likely that this combo will only see fringe play among hardcore Roselia fans.

Other than FEVER, new cards worth mentioning include "Tears Overflowing" Yukina Minato, whose early play condition is trivial enough to make it an instant frontrunner in any blue deck. There’s also the pair of "Self-Taught Survival" Maya Yamato and "What an Idol Is" Maya Yamato, that finally give Pastel*Palettes a level 1 combo worth playing. Lastly, this set has a powerful, although band-locked, events Eternal Sunset and My Bushido!

The Options Keep Growing in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Vol. 2

Bushiroad’s policy for in-set reprints has made most utility effects in BanG Dream! available to every color, resulting in extreme versatility for deckbuilders and fans of a single band. The only issue for BanG Dream! players will now be deciding which build is best and riding it to victory in the upcoming Bushiroad Championship Series Tournaments on the road to the World Finals! We’ll have to wait and see just how impactful these new cards are.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Vol. 2 is scheduled for release on 18 October 2019, so be ready to preorder today!