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Date A Live Seals the Spirits' Destructive Power With...a Kiss?

Itsuka Shido is far from a ladies' man given his disregard for the opposite sex until forced to. But his above-average sensitivity and ability to sympathize and show acceptance to those who least expect it end up making him quite the lady killer anyway. Of course, being forced to flirt with manifestations of ancestral heavenly beings is less than ideal, but if the alternative is to let them run wild and face the consequences, one starts to look at the bigger picture.

What if the world's safety depended on your dating prowess? Would you be able to seduce otherwordly beings and tame their supernatural abilities in order to stop them from wreaking havoc?

Date A Live Leaves Nothing to Chance

A specific, coherent design approach can be seen throughout the set, starting with the hallmark finisher "Worst Spirit" Kurumi* and its three possible on-attack abilities. Modal effects like this ensure that the card is never a bad draw at any time. Other examples include Kotori, To Save the Spirits*, which can either cantrip or power up your board, and the notorious My Little Shido event.

Next there is a pair of cards featuring Kurumi which will do different things depending on how many cards are in your clock area, a gimmick first seen on the Date a Live cards in the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko set: Kurumi, Power to Rewind Time* and Kurumi, Swaying Heart*. While good on their own, you may want to run them in conjunction with Kurumi, Transfer Student* or Kurumi, Positive Approach* to always get the best effect for the situation.

Considering how one of the most common criticisms Weiss Schwarz as a game receives is how much games are decided by variance, regardless of how justified this argument is, a set like Date a Live stands out for the amount of agency it gives to the player. Never before have there been so many modal effects in a single set, and the amount of decisions one must make every single turn when piloting the deck is at times overwhelming. This of course makes it both extremely challenging to play optimally, because identifying the best line of play for any given situation becomes increasingly difficult with each added variable, and immensely potent due to the unmatched adaptability provided by the sheer amount of available options.

A Threat to the Health of the Metagame?

Time to address the elephant in the room: Bushiroad has confirmed that the English Edition of Date A Live will not undergo any errata, despite the fact that it was recently hit with banlist restrictions due to its representation and results in the competitive environment. Only time will tell if this was the correct decision, and in the meantime players intending to buy into the set should be aware that its performance will definitely be closely monitored by Organized Play.

Date a Live releases worldwide on 26 March 2021, so be sure to check out Cardmarket's inventory when you get the chance!  

*Card names are not official and are subject to change.

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