Set Information

One More Story Needs to be Told

The historic Fate/ franchise, also among the first to join the Weiss Schwarz roster, is getting a new English Edition release! Based on the movie trilogy of the same name (which in turn follows the corresponding arc of the original visual novel) this new booster will have a higher count of green cards than normal to make room for the prominent role of Sakura Matou and her Servant in the plot.

Enter Heaven’s Feel

No need to feel disappointed, however, if this franchise isn’t your thing. Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feels will also be bringing shiny new toys for ALL existing archetypes. The Illya & Berserker deck will be getting a much-needed advance summon healer and a dedicated brainstorm. The Master build will be getting a new level 1 combo and a reprint of the (notoriously expensive and previously only available in Japanese) free-refresher promo card! Finally, Saber fans will be delighted to know that Saber Alter will be making her English Edition debut in this set.

We can’t really tell you more for now, but make sure to check back in November 2019 for an extended overview of this release and additional details about the most exciting preview cards!