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The First Weiß Schwarz “Anthology” Set Is Here!

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko is a rather unconventional release in that it is not based on a single series like the vast majority of Weiss Schwarz sets, but instead features many groups of characters from different stories, but all of them part of the Fujimi Fantasia imprint, part of the Kadokawa Group.

It doesn’t have a cohesive theme to mechanically hold the card pool together, as is most often the case. Instead, it explores a larger number of scaled-down synergies. This makes deckbuilding naturally more challenging not because of weird trait or color restrictions, but rather because of the set’s unfocused and multifaceted nature.

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Won’t Tell You What to Do

There are sets where the existing archetypes naturally “build themselves”. That is to say, some of the cards are obviously pushed and synergistic in a way that makes it actively detrimental to not play them together. This leads to the so-called meta builds being easily identified and eventually tuned to their already maximum best in just a relatively short time. Fujimi Fantasia couldn’t be more different.

While some cards are generically “good” or at least better than other options at the same level or cost barring niche scenarios and/or fringe interactions, and will therefore be more common in different brews, decks from this set will be highly customizable in the “filler” flex slots. One could focus on consistency, deciding to devote every non-climax card to the assembling and execution of a specific (and hopefully game-winning) combo. Someone else might prefer a higher degree of versatility, incorporating more contingency plans and crisis-management tools. From relentless hyper-aggression to stubborn stalling, deckbuilding options abound. It would take far too long to list them all!

As an example, let’s go over the available options for advance summon:

  • Acting Manager's Aide, Isuzu will be a good match for those looking to be aggressive in the mid-game (possibly to make up for using a Standby climax in the early turns?) This is also a perfectly valid play for the endgame, thanks to the non-climax dependent finishing ability;
  • Wide-Open Shirt, Eu is easy to chain if you have some stock to spend and will keep your hand full thanks to its enter-the-stage ability. It’s great for pressing the advantage after an aggressive start and preventing the opponent from stabilizing and making a comeback;
  • Kindness and Strength, Rumia can be both a healer to stall your opponent into going to level 3 first, or a powerful utility card to secure a key reverse with its power-pump ability. Despite the low power, which makes it a lousy beater, its versatility is possibly unmatched.

A Way to Introduce New Titles?

Releasing Fujimi Fantasia Bunko in English Edition Weiss Shwarz is a bold move, since some of the featured franchises are barely known to western audiences. Perhaps Bushiroad believes it will be a meaningful addition to the metagame, or that it will sell well since it was a huge success in Japan. The most likely reason, however, is that they intend to observe the player base’s reaction to this product in order to plan future releases. It is worth pointing out that series first introduced to Weiss Schwarz in Fujimi Fantasia can get dedicated releases. Such as is the case with “Date a Live”, releasing later this year in the Japanese Edition.

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko is scheduled for release on 29 May 2020, so order now!

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Leafa95(07.05.2020 20:55)

Cant wait for Highschool DxD in a card so excited have to wait a bit tho