Number of Cards: 100
Release Date: July 5, 2018
Languages Available: English

Set Information

Weiss Schwarz Goes Beyond the Impossible with The GURREN LAGANN Expansion!

Kamina bursts into Weiss Schwarz, bringing Gurren Lagann's zaniness with him in Weiss Schwarz's latest expansion. Released on July 5th, Weiss Schwarz's Trigger-iest expansion features 100 unique cards, with 22 of those cards having parallel rares. Each pack contains eight cards and has a manufacturer standard retail price of 2,99 €. Lastly, and as with all Weiss Schwarz booster packs, Gurren Lagann cards can only be used in Gurren Lagann decks, so if you want Kamina to be your bro, you'll have to play him with cards with the GL tag (Gurren Lagann).

Signed Cards by Original Gurren Lagann Voice Actors, A Decade Later

One of the sweetest things about these packs is the chance at a signed, unique version of Yoko, Simon, Kamina, and Nia in every pack. These cards are exceedingly rare and valuable and a must-have for any hardcore Gurren Lagann fan, as how often to you get the chance at these signatures so long after the anime aired. We currently only have one of these available, so they are truly unique collector's items. Good luck cracking those packs!

New Mechanics Taking Advantage of Stacking Robots

In a clever nod to the story of Gurren Lagann, the various red mech cards of GURREN LAGANN can stack on top of each other when they attack. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the boss card of this group, allowing players to attack with it, then pay its cost to move one of your other mechs in and attack with that, and then pay that cost to continue down the chain, creating one massive attack that instantly overwhelms and defeats your opponents. You can also swarm your opponents with the Mugann card, a level zero that you can play any number of in your deck. The interesting twist on this concept here though is that the card automatically counters any level 0 your opponent plays, converting them, effectively, into damage and filling up your opponents deck with them. Even if the swarm strategy isn't particularly effective, this card might see play just to counter opposing zero-cost cards. Either way, if Gurren Lagann is your favorite anime, then this booster box is for you. Just focus on Simon if you want to play competitively with it! Good luck cracking those signed Yokos!