Set Information

The Warrior with No Name

Ask anyone around the Adventurers' Guild: If you have a goblin issue, Goblin Slayer is your man. A fierce warrior and zealous scholar, designated as a "goblin specialist" by the guild authorities due to both the sheer number of exterminated goblins and the extensive research conducted about their biology and behavior, this seasoned adventurer only accepts missions involving goblins, driven by motives tied to a dark past. He gets, however, talked into joining a party set to hunt down the resurrected Demon Lord, since word has it that part of his army is composed of, you guessed it, goblins. And the bounty looks promising to boot!

Goblin Slayer Is a One Man Show

Let's get this out of the way: Goblin Slayer is a very powerful set, with a number of pushed cards and one of the best level 1 Climax combos ever printed. What's unusual about it is that many of these staples depict the title character in their artwork, to the point that stock Goblin Slayer builds end up being mostly made up of Goblin Slayers, whereas the vast majority of boosters tend to give some "screen time" to all characters in order to appeal to a wider range of fans. This is only surprising to a certain extent, since it does indeed mimic the centrality of the main character in its source material.

Let's get to the good part. Let's see just how good Goblin Slayer is, shall we?

  • Precise Tactics, Goblin Slayer is the reason to play the deck, and what a reason! 6000 base power cross-turn, un-interactive card advantage, gate trigger. It just does it all! And the target event for the combo, Torch, comes in two different versions (one from the Trial Deck, the other one found in packs), allowing for additional versatility.
  • Predetermined Outcome, Goblin Slayer is the headline of the supporting cast. This humble Uncommon is possibly the best runner ever printed, which means it might just be the best turn 1-play in the game. The added level and the anti-side clause make this immune to the traditional issue "chasers" have (Chaser: The type of runner that can only run in front of another character), which means this is nearly impossible to get rid of at level 0.
  • While not as impressive in a vacuum, Iron Shadow of Annihilation, Goblin Slayer ends up being an essential part of the deck's endgame thanks to its ability to search the deck for Scroll of <>*, a powerful defensive play that a lot of decks don't have clean answers to.

Dwarven Finishers To Ice the Cake

Despite what we said so far, the best finisher in the set is not, in fact, a Goblin Slayer card. Enter Rapid Firing of Pebbles, Dwarf Shaman. Expensive? Sure. Requires to be built around? Again, yes. But the destructive power of this card is simply off the charts! Besides having the characters and the Climax in hand, activating the combo two times in a single attack phase requires beginning your turn with 10 stock, which is definitely not impossible, and will result is up to 13 (yes, thirteen!!) separate damage instances dealt to your opponent. (The realistic expected number is closer to 7-8 instances, which should still win the game on the spot)! Goblin Slayer releases on 31 January 2020, so be sure to pick up your slough of overpowered Goblin Slayers.

*English name not official.