Set Information

Gun Gale Online Brings Over the Sword Art Online Side Story!

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (aka GGO) is the spin-off series loosely based on Sword Art Online's Gun Gale Online arc. And it's finally coming to English Edition Weiss Schwarz! Follow cute-but-deadly LLENN and reckless Fukaziroh as they face off against crazy hedonist Pitohui and her bodyguard M, as well as the other teams participating in the Squad Jam battle royale!

While GGO can't be mixed with cards from the regular SAO sets, it would be a mistake to underestimate it: Despite being a standalone 100-card set, it will boast of some powerful shenanigans, featuring field-blowing events, multiple advance summons, brutal finishers, and even conditional anti-burns. Oh, and apparently there's a card featuring a talking rifle... a pink talking rifle… Yeah.

Check back in mid-April 2019 to take a better look at Gun Gale Online's cards and potential archetypes.