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Sometimes Games Are More Than Just Games

Teenage student Karen is uncomfortable with her excessive height, and her lack of self-confidence makes her shy and awkward around people. But in Gun Gale Online (GGO), a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) game, she gets to be LLENN: a cute little girl in a pink outfit with a pink P90 rifle, who is known by other players as “The Pink Devil”. Everything seems to be going well up until Karen finds out that Pitohui, her in-game mentor, is going through a breakdown. As Pitohui's mental health gets worse – to the point where she can no longer tell the game apart from the real world – she becomes determined to commit suicide in the event of a defeat in the game.

She needs to be stopped, and Karen knows there is no one but her who can do it.

Alternative Gun Gale Online Plays Differently from the Regular SAO – Thankfully!

It’s no secret that Sword Art Online (SAO) is among the best decks in the format, and every competitive player needs to prepare for this matchup. It will please Weiss Schwarz players to find out that this new release has very little in common with its "older brother". In fact, the only real similarities are the ::Net:: and ::Avatar:: traits appearing on most character cards in both series.

Anyway, let’s get down to business:

Every set in Weiss Schwarz has a recurring, underlying theme that gives it an exclusive identity. In Gun Gale Online, this seems to be… well, Guerrilla Tactics. In the animated series, the main characters are time and again able to defeat enemy teams that heavily outnumber and/or outgun them. How? By being smart and making the best out of their scarce resources! Take for example Fukaziroh, Tough Partner and "Super Random" LLENN. These two GGO characters allow the player to keep up in both damage output and resource-building, while only committing two cards to the front row. Or if you’re stuck with low-power characters, Rapid-fire Grenade Launcher can weaken the entire opposing field and often even blow up their backrow, allowing for otherwise impossible reverses.

LLENN, Fukaziroh, Pitohui, and M have very different individual skills, and the game's mechanics reflect this by rewarding their teamwork: Fukaziroh, the team’s grenadier, is often in a supporting role, both defensively, such as in Fukaziroh, Best Strategy, and offensively, as seen in Supporting Fire, FukazirohM, Reason Behind the Name’s revenge-burn ability is tied to being Pitohui’s bodyguard, while M, Fear and Betrayal displays his mastery of the sniper rifle; Pitohui, Sadistic Expression is a reference to how deadly of a fighter she is, taking out multiple characters at once; and lastly, Psycho LLENN is a "play of the game" type of card, dealing damage both straight to the opponent and to multiple characters across the field, showing us what happens when “The Pink Devil” goes all-out.

Pairings Are (Almost) Up

Bushiroad Springfest 2019's Team Trio tournaments start in early May 2019, so GGO is a little late to the party. But that doesn’t mean it won’t get its chance to show its potential – its unique playstyle might even catch the top-tier decks off guard!

Alternative Gun Gale Online booster pack and trial decks officially release on 17 May 2019 and preorders are now open, so pick up some today!