Set Information

Hololive Production Joins English Edition!

The 31 talents of Hololive Production agency are ready to dazzle the stage of the Weiss Schwarz English edition! Featuring some of the hottest content creators of the streaming industry and their virtual avatars, this highly anticipated set already smashed the sales records in Japanese Edition and is very much expected to do the same in the West, so it's either join them or be prepared to face them, 'cause they'll show up in numbers!

Hololive is Brewer's Paradise

With 31 Climax combos to choose from (one for each of the talents, of course), more than 300 individual cards between the booster and the seven trial decks, more promos than you can count, and more on the way, Hololive is the ultimate challenge for every deck builder: the exploration of all possible archetypes, with new synergies to be discovered at every turn and dozens of tech options at every level, is in itself potentially the work of a lifetime, and that's before you even start playing!

There are some staples like Towards the Future Together, Shirakami Fubuki or Towards the Future Together, Hoshimachi Suisei which can go in every deck, and the extensive testing made by players of Japanese Edition already provide some guidance as to what combos and archetypes are more consistent and reliable, but it feels like there is a lot of uncharted territory to explore, especially considering the English Edition format is now very different from its older sibling. For example, a card that might find more success after Hololive's English Edition debut is #TOWART, Tokoyami Towa: this card offers a very powerful finishing effect at a reasonable cost but lacks an on-play effect, which is a dealbreaker for many players. However, many western players favor this sort of ultra offensive playstyle, so perhaps it will see more play over here. There's no doubt however that many players will stick to tried and true engines like the hyperefficient Towards the Future Together, Houshou Marine, or oppressively sticky Peaceful Times, Uruha Rushia for their endgame plan.

Truly a Set for Everyone

As one of the biggest sets ever released, in terms of the number of individual cards, there's something in it for everybody: collectors are already hunting down the foils of their favorite characters, and competitive players have the appeal of a big set with lots of opportunities for discussion among like-minded tournament grinders, brewers obviously can't wait to dig in, and casual players with a tight budget will be excited about a set with plenty of playable options for any level at common rarity and in the Trial Decks. Oh, and your local game store will probably be giving away special PR packs, with cards not found in regular sealed products, featuring additional talents from the Hololive Indonesia and Hololive English projects, so keep an eye out for those!

The Hololive Production Booster Pack releases worldwide on 13 May 2022 and it will be available right here on Cardmarket