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From Mobster to Boss in 39 Episodes?!

Giorno Giovanna had always dreamed of joining one of the local gangs and making his way into the world of organised crime. Now, that dream is about to come true after his fateful encounter with Bruno Buccellati, a member of the clan Passione who agrees to introduce him to the family after witnessing the power of Gold Experience, Giorno’s Stand.

Follow the latest representative of the JoJo dynasty in this unpredictable journey through the Italian criminal underworld, as Giorno unravels the scheme, connecting with the father he never met, the powers he apparently inherited, and his mysterious new boss…

Unleash the Power of S T A N D

The clear highlight of this release is the in-game mimicking of the Stands (psycho-spiritual manifestations possessing unique supernatural abilities, an iconic element of the JoJo saga) wielded by the main characters. The solution adopted by the designers was to make the human characters take their respective Stand as markers and then summoning them for a cost – the player may then choose to have the Stand return to its marker status, to be summoned again next turn. This system is both flavorful and effective, since it provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to managing the board, and has been applied to a wide range of characters, from Beaters to Finishers:

  • The One Chosen by Fate, Giorno is not the flashiest of Supporters, but it can and will spam heals through the summoning of Final Form, G.W.R, which a very serviceable Finisher. (Note that the cost for the burns is not paid upfront!)
  • If finishing the game is not your thing, Erased World, E.C might be a better fit for you. The flavor on this card is simply perfect, since it recreates this Stand’s ability to literally erase things and events from existence. It is probably a little too costly, but it is still tremendously powerful. And yes, it can be summoned from under Pride of a King, Diavolo.
  • Beacon Dispelling the Darkness, Bucciarati is, on the other hand, a great example of a really good backstage character whose companion Stand is the solid although unexciting The One Who Opens, Z.M. The fact that both activated abilities can be used on the same turn is sweet!
  • Those looking to go all-in on the signature mechanic might want to look at Awakened Power, Trish and her partner in crime Indestructible Flexibility, S.L: Not the best plussing combo in the game, but being able to use it again and again due to never losing the board might end up being good enough.

But the set’s biggest flavor win is Replaying the Past, Abbacchio, whose climax combo is a genuine rendition of his Stand’s ability to rewind time, which translates in-game to triggering the same card again and again (so you know what’s coming and can plan the attack order accordingly).

To Be Continued…

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind officially releases on 27 March 2020. The set includes the exclusive JoJoRare rarity along the usual foils and Signed Rares, so collectors, look out!