Set Information

All Is Fair in Love and War

Are Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya more than just colleagues? As the president and vice-president of the Student Council at the prestigious Shuuchin Academy, they work together on a daily basis, to the point where rumors of a relationship between the two are spreading among the students. In truth, neither had been thinking romantically about the other until hearing those rumors made them both realise that why yes, they would have liked to date, but their pride prevented both of them from making the first move. Fast-forward six months and this standstill has turned into a full-fledged obsession, on both sides: convinced as they are that declaring their feelings would be a sign of weakness, a defeat of sorts, they both start making plans to force the other to confess. So begins our story, the war of love and wits between Kaguya and Miyuki!

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Is Raising the Bar in the Early Game

Often underrated, by novice and veteran players alike, level 0 is actually extremely important to the flow of the game, and often ends up setting the pace for many of the following turns. For this reason having a good suite of available utilities to leverage in this phase is an important factor in determining a deck's power level and metagame tier.

Kaguya's level 0 is quite simply unmatched in its completeness and variety. Serious Showdown Between Geniuses, Kei is very likely in contention for best level 0 character ever designed, as a runner that doubles-up as "Clean Cut" effect; Supreme Bliss, Chika is a Riki that manages to remain relevant through the rest of the game thanks to its power pump effect; Skill "Miss Innocent", Kaguya holds two powerful abilities on the same card, stock-swapping being in particularly high demand; Ai Bestowing Courage is a drop-searcher that will return to your hand everytime you play a climax. The list goes on, and this doesn't even mention the four different plussing brainstorms, excluding the one from the Trial Deck.

Finishing options are somewhat scarce in numbers, but overall good. Love Detective, Chika will burn your opponent for the number of a certain event in your waiting room, which means you can try to adjust the number to the situation as needed; Serious Showdown Between Geniuses, Kaguya doesn't actually need to combo with its climax in order to be burning, but the cross-turn power will help with getting reverses you can then capitalise on. They are both healers by the way, which is always welcome.

The Battle of Hearts and Minds Continues!

Not only is the set already well positioned and highly praised both by Western and Japanese players, but a new season of the source anime series has already been announced! This makes it very likely that a second set will be released in Weiss Schwarz as well, especially when the original release was successful and popular among players.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is scheduled for release on 25 June 2021, but preorders are already open! Don't miss out on this highly anticipated set!