Set Information

The Cavalry Has Arrived

The time has finally come. A whopping two years after its original release, the German and Italian battleships are finally getting their chance to cruise the stormy waters of English Weiss Schwarz. All admirals please brush the dust off your uniforms and proceed to the command room! Allied forces are standing by, awaiting orders! All preparations for departure are complete and the route has been charted!

Arrival! Reinforcement Fleets from Europe! Is Good Alone and Great with Old Tech

The newest Kantai Collection (KanColle for short) brings plenty of new tools both for revamping old decks and brewing new archetypes.

3rd Yuugumo-class Destroyer, Kazagumo and 14th Yuugumo-class Destroyer, Okinami can assist Shimakaze-class Destroyer, Shimakaze by compensating for the reduced damage output granted by its climax, Fast like Shimakaze, giving extra soul and opening lanes for direct attacks. Then, there is  1st Fubuki-class Destroyer, Fubuki Kai-II, a powerful pay-off for building your deck around this specific class.

For a more radical change in playstyle, 3rd Admiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser, Prinz Eugen has been a popular choice for its flexibility and board presence. Taiho-class Armored Carrier, Taiho Kai lets you ditch 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki and grind your opponents for value in the midgame, making this a strategy that previous sets didn’t have access to.

Can the Format’s Former Boogeyman Reestablish Its Dominance?

It has been three years since the previous Kantai Collection was released (not counting Fleet in the Deep Sea, which was a stand-alone set). Long gone are the days of its reign as the undisputed best deck. KanColle players are now faced with the daunting challenge of proving that their wait was not in vain and their newly refurbished deck has what it takes to compete at the highest level. It won’t be easy, considering just how fierce the competition is. However, KanColle has an extremely dedicated player base. It also has some of the game’s most uniquely powerful effects ever printed, such as the evergreen Compass, the Uncommon all-star staple A Winter Moment, Akatsuki, and the new Jintsuu Kai-Ni in the Middle of the Festival. It’s too early to say what its full impact on the metagame is, but it’s worth noting that this set is still on the Banned and Restricted List in the Japanese format, so its power level should definitely not be underestimated.

KanColle: Arrival! Reinforcement Fleets from Europe! releases on 9 November 2018. It has 100 types of cards with eight cards per booster pack that can be used with other cards that begin with [KC/]. Are you ready to set sail?