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Previously on KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2

After their reckless stunts at the end of the first season, the gang finds itself in a tough spot: Kazuma Satō is now facing trial, which could result in a death sentence as he's being accused of secretly serving the Devil King! Lucky enough, Darkness leverages her influence as member of the noble Dustiness family to have him released (although all their goods end up getting confiscated). However, this causes even more problems as Darkness' father is now determined to get her married, so she'll drop the adventurer lifestyle once and for all.

But the real fun starts when Aqua convinces the party to go to Arcanretia, the city where she founded the Axis Church a long time ago…

More Climax Combos, More Events, More Fun

This latest Weiß Schwarz expansion does a great work of improving the existing assets KonoSuba had access to in each color. In the first set, Red had a powerful advantage combo in "Can't Say It Straight" Yunyun, but it was lacking a powerful and reliable endgame. This time around, it gets "Ice Witch" Wiz, one of the best finishers ever printed. Blue gets a new Climax card in "Running Off" Aqua and plenty of deceivingly effective counters, which will undoubtedly give you an edge against unprepared opponents. Yellow, arguably, gets the most out of this new release with "Iron Wall Crusader" Darkness and "Running Off" Darkness as major enhancements on the previous combos for early and late game alike.

Darkness fans rejoice because a deck consisting entirely of your favorite character is now perfectly viable. Meanwhile, Aqua fans are not left behind as they get to try out "Fist of Fury" Aqua as a payoff card for going all-in on their favorite goddess, building a deck around her with all her cultists and dedicated supports.

It's Time to Start Taking KonoSuba More Seriously

Let's face it. With the first set alone, KonoSuba was really nothing special. Starting 30 November 2018 though, massive improvements will be brought upon by 100 new cards in this release, pushing the expansion to the top of metagame.

While the competition is definitely fierce, the threat of a Level 1 "Power of the Mask" Darkness (courtesy of "Masked Devil" Vanir) can't be ignored by any deck not running Wind triggers. Furthermore, the double early summon plan enabled by "Explosion Girl" Megumin and "Forever Rival" Yunyun apply enormous amount of pressure on any opponent. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2 is definitely not an expansion to gloss over. Each booster box has an MSRP of $ 79.80 (approx. 69.92 €) with plenty of juicy foils to collect!