Set Information

A Land of Games, a Land of Gamers

Disboard: A world like no other. Where every conflict, from children’s quarrels to trade deals to border settlements, is decided not through money or military conflict, but via games. That’s right! From rock-paper-scissors to chess to simple coin-flipping and anything in between, gaming is used in every aspect of life on Disboard. Every outcome, for better or worse, is accepted and respected by all in accordance with the "Ten Pledges", a set of rules established by the One True God Tet, formerly known as the God of Play.

Genius shut-in siblings Sora and Shiro know very little about politics or how to rule a country, but they do know a fair bit about gaming. So, when they find themselves magically transported to Disboard and find out the next king of Imanity (this world’s equivalent of humanity) is going to be elected based on their gambling skills, the reason for their presence in this world becomes apparent. Follow their journey as they outsmart their opponents and bring prosperity to Imanity in No Game No Life!

No Game No Life Rewards You for Taking Your Chances!

Although sometimes, it won’t… but regardless! No Game No Life’s unique flavor is based on the way the main characters constantly gamble their way out of harm’s way and how their seemingly reckless behavior is secretly part of a bigger, more ambitious plan to trick their opponents.

For example, Sora, Imanity's Representative would need Level 3s to be stacked at the bottom of the stock in order to trigger its climax combo – which might make it seem like an extremely inconsistent finisher. However, the set gives you access to plenty of cards that allow you to manipulate both the top and the bottom cards of the stock. Take for example Shiro, Path Only Two of Them Know, which can serve as the Level 1 climax combo of choice or the event Natural Born Genius, a powerful milling engine that also stock-charges. These cards offer perfect synergy with the need to place specific cards in a zone that is difficult to access. Thus, providing a game plan that is both atypical and hard to interact with, all while strongly resonating with the series' lore.

Just a Little Longer

A delay in the release of the English edition of No Game No Life has been recently announced with the set being postponed to Spring 2019. (The exact date is yet to be confirmed, but we’ll keep you posted.) While this is certainly unfortunate, Weiss Schwarz is looking as healthy as ever with plenty of new releases meaningfully impacting the competitive environment. We can just hope that No Game No Life doesn’t suffer any further delays and can make its grand debut during the Bushiroad Springfest!