Set Information

Show the World Why “The Void” Can Never Lose with No Game No Life!

Sometimes it’s not about having the most powerful cards, but about making the most out of them –and playing No Game No Life is just like that! Boasting several uniquely ridiculous effects and the weirdest shenanigans in all of Weiss Schwarz, this set is not just a blast to play, but also a real challenge to face for you'll never know what’s coming!

Will you fight on Imanity’s side against the stronger races? Or will you stand with the Werebeasts, the Elves, or even the Angels in their quest for power? The genius gamer siblings Sora and Shiro have made their choice very clear, so join them in their journey through the amazing world of Disboard.

No Game No Life will be released on 25 January 2019, so be ready. Outsmart your opponents! Manipulate your stock! Play rock-paper-scissors! Bluff! Gamble! Win! For more information on Weiss Schwarz's first expansion for the coming new year, check back in mid-December 2018. Until then, practice your poker face and watch out for spoilers of those notorious foils!