Set Information

Starting Life in Another World Can Be Tough

When Natsuki Subaru, a regular real-world teenager, finds himself mysteriously teleported into a different reality, his first thought is that there must be a meaningful reason for him to be there among all those magical beings and knights in full armor. It doesn’t take long for him to realise, though, that he has been brought to this world by a curse, rather than to take on some glorious quest: Upon death, which he painfully experiences time and again, Subaru is brought back to a specific point in time and gets the chance to relive his last moments and possibly change his fate by acting differently. He also soon finds out he isn’t allowed to tell anyone about the curse, which further challenges his sanity.

Several questions still need answers: Who or what cursed Subaru? What is his purpose in this magical world? Who will win the royal election? Do we love Emilia? Who’s Rem?

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Will Never Be a Bad Deck

Consistency is king in every card game and Re:ZERO pushes this idea to the extreme. Its level 0 game has fantastic tools like Canopy-Piercing Sunlight, Rem & Ram and Peaceful Life, Rem to help combo off with Silver-Haired Beauty, Emilia, setting up a controlling late game with Royal Election Candidate, Felt and Blue-Haired Maid, Rem. Then Sword Saint, Reinhard or Half-Elf Maiden, Emilia can finish off the opponent when the time is right. The deck’s linear strategy is extremely resilient to bad draws and its early summons allow it to easily stabilize after a rough start, making it fantastic both as a tournament deck and for teaching the game to new players.

For those who are not fond of Yellow cards, there is a version of the deck featuring Red that focuses on the twins’ synergies, which is wildly popular in Japan: Check out Pink-Haired Maid, Ram as a possible finisher!

A Shifting Metagame Means Many Opportunities

Despite arguably still being the most powerful deck, Attack on Titan suffered a steep decline in tournament representation, mostly in BanG Dream’s favor. This allowed the metagame to diversify, since the ‘Corps menace’ is no longer prevalent.

Right now, English Weiss Schwarz is healthier than it has been in many years with many different decks competing for top spots in the tier list: Apocrypha and Sunshine are on the rise; Sword Art Online might be falling out of favour; and BanG Dream is by far the most played deck, albeit several different archetypes are viable. Re:ZERO has a very solid chance to capitalize on the meta's current state of uncertainty by bringing to the table tried-and-true strategies that have been extensively tested in the Japanese format with outstanding results.

21 December 2018 is the official release date for Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-. This may still seem far away, but it is definitely worth looking forward to if you were able to claim an invite for the World Championship, or if you simply want a head start for next season. Either way, it is Weiss Schwarz's last release for 2018 and an excellent one at that!