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Hungry for More? Re:ZERO Vol.2 Is Here!

Coming to English Edition Weiss Schwarz is one of the most anticipated releases of 2019: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- 2. While the second season of the animated series isn’t airing yet, the new Re:ZERO booster pack is already right around the corner. Don’t expect a lot of flashy, groundbreaking effects though. This set was designed with the clear intent of perfecting existing archetypes and providing additional support to a specific category of fans – those dedicated enough to build and play Waifu-decks, meaning decks based on a single, very special character, usually the one closest to the player's heart.

Emilia, Rem, Felt, Beatrice: Which Is the One for You?

The finishers and the advantage engines of the new set are conveniently paired to grant every girl one of each. Mere coincidence? Let’s not fool ourselves…

Unacceptable Situation, Felt and Glowing Insignia, Felt interact with cards from the first set, but it’s not just with any card: Using the same climax from Royal Election Candidate, Felt (one of the best early plays ever printed), the card essentially nullifies the opportunity cost of running this new level 1 combo, possibly in a supporting role for your main advantage engine. Setting up a Sword Saint, Reinhard bodyguard turn, on the other hand, can lead to some straight-up ridiculous, game-ending turns.

Unexpected Mischief, Beatrice gives some much-needed screen time (though perhaps ‘top-tables time’ would be more appropriate) to one of the most overlooked characters so far: This monster of a finisher can deal up to 3 separate damage instances per copy on the field – more than enough to send a chill down the spine of even the most confident of opponents. Feeling Irritated, Beatrice isn’t quite as impressive, but we all know true fans won’t mind.

Everyone’s favorite half-elf didn’t really need a new level 1 combo, but Pure and Innocent, Emilia is definitely a welcome addition to Re:ZERO’s early game as a one-color alternative to Declaration of War, Felt for decks that don’t care about yellow. Tropical Life in Another World, Emilia, on the other hand, fixes one of the clearest shortcomings of Emilia’s repertoire: the lack of a powerful early summon. The so-called “shrink” effect is a fan-favorite from many newer releases, especially when available at level 2. Furthermore, having a trivial early play condition stacked on a playable card, specifically Chomp Chomp Puck, easily makes this card one of the most hyped in the whole set.

Maid enthusiasts all around the world will be jamming Tropical Life in Another World, Rem at every game store near you and that’s a fact. It’s a serviceable finisher, specifically made to slot into a popular archetype. Plus, it won’t be at all surprising to see the signed foils raise ridiculous sums. Seemingly Happy Behavior, Rem, however, is arguably the best Rem card in the set: The “clean cut” effect (named after Yukiko, Clean Cut from Persona 4) is a powerful asset for the early game, encouraging an aggressive start. Having it featured on a popular character and in a relevant color is just gravy.

Getting Down to Business

With 100 new cards to pick from, there is plenty of deckbuilding to do. Be advised though: Re: ZERO Vol.2 isn’t really a stand-alone set and the core of a Re:ZERO deck will still mostly be made of the cards from its first set. Keep this in mind while doing your shopping!

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- 2 officially release on 2 August 2019, so pre-order now for first dibs on those shiny foils!