Set Information

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

You probably remember Natsuki Subaru, also known as the unluckiest man on Earth (or whatever planet this show is set on), and his stubborn courting of a certain white-haired half elf. The Memory Snow OVA follows Natsuki’s struggle against none other than the freezing cold weather, as he tries to plan the perfect date and win over Emilia’s heart; somehow, this was enough to grant the design and print of a full booster release.

However! Bushiroad sneakily based this new set around a brand new trait, rather the classic ::Magic:: and ::Weapon::, making it very hard to mix with the existing cardpool. Sadly, this means its relationship to the previous RE:ZERO releases is limited to the characters appearing on the cards. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! In fact, it can be a great opportunity for RE:ZERO fans who are only now approaching Weiss Schwarz and are hesitant to invest large amounts into the “meta” build, but still want to play their favorite characters.

Memory Snow Might as Well Have Nothing to Do with Re:ZERO

Thankfully, Memory Snow does a great job of differentiating itself from its "big brother" with its playstyle in addition to changing its mechanics. While standard RE:ZERO is a very defensively-slanted deck looking to stall and draw out the midgame due to the lack of a flashy finisher, Memory Snow is looking to put the opponent on the back foot from the get-go and keep the pressure up at all times with tempo-positive plays, until it’s time to go for the throat.

High consistency and superior card selection capabilities are the strongest tools at Memory Snow’s disposal: That's Not It, Rem and its partner in crime Horrific Mayonnaise Human have the unique ability to find each other and dig for the required climax when needed, making it extremely easy to loop the combo for several consecutive turns; "Memory Snow" Ram & Rem provides excellent utility throughout the game; Leave Everything to Me, Rem is a cantrp, an enabler for the The World Reflected in Her Eyes, Emilia advance summon, and a major headache for decks looking to burn for one. (Ever heard of "To Seize Freedom" Mikasa?) In other words, it takes its name very seriously.

Once the necessary resources have been gathered, it’s time to deploy your finisher of choice and get it over with: "Memory Snow" Emilia, with its modal climax combo, grants more versatility, and we all know how devastating a well-timed stock-swap can be; Delightful Banquet, Rem is best suited for an all-in approach, since it doesn’t heal or provide resources for a theoretical next turn, but it is the most effective of the two at ending the game when you play it.

Keep ‘Em Coming!

With the “Frozen Bonds” Extra Booster recently released in the Japanese Edition and the second season of the show currently airing, support for the series is definitely not going to end here, making it a great set to buy into, no matter the archetype you’re interested in.

RE:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - Memory Snow is scheduled for worldwide release on 28 August 2020.