Set Information

Re:ZERO - The Frozen Bond Is a Funny Title

Seven years before the events narrated in the first season of Re:ZERO, the half-elf Emilia was awakened from an ice casket in the Elior Forest with no memories of past events. She has the great spirit Puck to thank for it, although she was still forced to live in the forest as an outcast due to her alleged resemblance to Satella, the Witch of Envy who is said to nearly have destroyed the world centuries earlier.

Why was Emilia imprisoned in the forest? Who are the elves sleeping in the other ice shards? Why is this forest stuck in an endless winter? How did Puck and Emilia end up forming a contract?

Introducing Green!

A whole new color is introduced in Re:ZERO's fourth release, as we see green cards in the set for the first time. In fact, 42 out of the 50 new cards are green, while exactly one card is blue and the rest are red. Players have nonetheless been quick to adapt to the novelty, and most new builds you can find online lean heavily into the new color. Keep in mind that these new cards are perfectly playable along with those from older releases, unlike those from Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - Memory Snow, which relied on a new trait. They are often simply better than their blue or yellow counterparts at each level, and also sometimes have synergies with cards of their own color. For instance "The Frozen Bond" Puck & Emilia requires that a green card be discarded for its effect. In general, the appeal of the eight bar triggers is hard to beat, especially when you have some dedicated support, a climax swapper, and Contractor and Spirit, Emilia & Puck as a very respectable finisher. However, if you are feeling adventurous a want to try something different, the set also has a whopping two Goldbag combos, and "Your Father" Puck, besides being a combo piece, has the added bonus of turning all of your triggered bags into straight positives. Other than these, you still have a couple of advance summon options and various utilities, which you are also free to expand upon by tapping into the existing pool.

Re:ZERO - The Frozen Bond Is the First Extra Booster in Three Years

While a new Re:Zero product is hardly news at this point, the return of Extra Boosters is surprising indeed. The last time we saw this kind of product was in 2018, and we shouldn't assume that the tide is turning just yet. (A new Re:ZERO full release is probably already in the works, since the second season of the anime is currently airing.)

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Frozen Bond releases on 26 February 2021. Singles and sealed products are all available here on Cardmarket!