Set Information

A Promise from Long Ago Is About to be Fulfilled

Karen Aijo is a cheerful girl with a bright smile, who is not afraid to chase her dream: to graduate from the Seisho Music Academy at the top of her class and be granted a lead role in the school’s traditional yearly rendition of "Starlight" – a tragic tale of two goddesses torn apart by fate – all the while fulfilling her promise of doing that together with her long-lost childhood friend Hikari Kagura. However, she will soon find out that this is no ordinary school for the performing arts and that succeeding takes more than just good grades. Every night, the secret underground theatre beneath the school hosts fierce duels known as Revue Auditions, where classmates fight against each other for the right to see their wish granted. And it doesn’t have to be related to school or career. It can be any wish you want. Or so says the mysterious talking giraffe who organizes these very special auditions…

Revue Starlight Tell a Story of Friendship and Rivalry

Deckbuilding for Revue Starlight is pretty straightforward: The synergies in the set heavily encourage centering your brews around a specific couple from the ones developed in the shows. You are then rewarded for this approach with a number of payoffs from powerful finishers to recursive beaters and everything in between. For example, the climax combo enabler "Rebirthed Shine" Hikari Kagura will change into Karen Aijo, Encore when front attacked, pretty much jumping right into action to protect her friend on several occasions. These interactions have clearly been designed with the events depicted in the story in mind and that’s something fans really appreciate! Another prime example can be found in Noble Will, Claudine Saijo and Brave Readiness, Maya Tendo. These two cards combo with the same climax, but don’t do much on their own. Having them both on the battlefield can lead to very powerful turns.

While not as constraining, "Stage Left for Two" Kaoruko Hanayagi is the frontrunner for best finisher in the set. However, it also requires discarding character cards with specific names for its activation cost, which emphasizes the need for a high density of such cards in a deck aiming to consistently harness its power. Not to worry though because conveniently enough, childhood friends Kaoruko and Futaba Isurugi have plenty of cards that play well together – and even a couple that feature both names on them.

Watch Out for the Full-Body Voice Actress Portrait Foils!

A very special kind of signed cards is included in Revue Starlight booster packs. An extremely limited number of hand-signed cards, where a full body picture of the voice actress for every major character replaces the regular artwork, will appear along regular SP cards! These priced collector items are already fetching for huge sums in their Japanese print and their value is still rising.

Still thinking about ordering the latest Weiss Schwarz set, Revue Starlight? Keep in mind that the official release is on 14 June 2019. Happy brewing!