Set Information

Imagine Reliving Your Whole Childhood for Your Job

Kazuto Kirigaya, better known by his online nickname Kirito, is always getting caught up in the latest VRMMO corporate scheme, and in Sword Art Online -Alicization- this is no exception. Though, admittedly, this time he didn't choose to be involved, but rather was forced when he was nearly killed by a former nemesis. His employer could save him and actually did so by dropping him into VRMMO. The VRMMO world was designed to leverage Artificial Intelligence to create super soldiers capable of breaking established laws. In "The Underworld", a brand new virtual world, Kirito relives his childhood, making friends with Eugeo and Alice, two AIs that inhabit the Underworld. Naturally, Kirito ends up in danger and Asuna and friends come to the rescue – You know the drill. Let's move on to the cards, shall we?

Building Sword Art Online -Alicization-

The highlights of this release lie in its endgame options:

IMPORTANT NOTE ON TRAITS: Most Alicization cards use the ::fluctlight:: trait for their effects and interactions, which makes slotting them into existing SAO builds rather complicated and often right up anti-synergistic. But the opposite is still possible. There are a few cards in the booster specifically meant for "classic" SAO. Most notably is "If You Want My Answer" Asuna, which provides a fine example of costless complementary finisher - one of the critical, historic shortcomings of the deck.

Otherwise, Alicization is functionally a stand-alone set.

Ready to Tackle the Underworld?

Sword Art Online -Alicization- is scheduled for release on 28 February 2020, but preorders are already open! Remember to pick up some of those Trial Decks too, especially if you don't want to miss out on Fate Beginning to Change, Eugeo!