Cardmarket Grading Launch Price Expiring Soon!

20.12.2021 09:40

Cardmarket Grading Launch Price Expiring Soon!


Cardmarket Grading has been a huge success so far and we've loved seeing everyone posting their graded cards online. We've also been closely monitoring user feedback so we can continue to work with our partners to improve the grading process for all our users. One change we're making is in which cards we accept! Starting immediately, Cardmarket Grading will accept any "standard" sized collectible cards you want to have graded – not just for games available on Cardmarket. Standard, in this case, means Magic: The Gathering sized cards. They will still accept Yu-Gi-Oh! cards on top of these. Additionally, we've heard user feedback on the label and are currently working on a solution.

On top of that, unfortunately, the launch price for Cardmarket Grading will be changing soon. Right now, individual gradings cost 15 €, and packs of ten gradings cost 140 €. Starting 01 January 2022, individual gradings will cost 20 € and ten-packs will cost 190 €.

If you want to get in at the lower price, be sure to order your gradings before the new year! Any orders placed before the new year will still be at the lower price, even if delivery happens during the new year.

Thank you again for your generous support for the product and happy shopping!

Your Cardmarket Team