What is Cardmarket about?

Cardmarket is an online peer-to-peer marketplace for trading cards and accessories. Every user can buy and sell those articles and benefit from your key features:

  • Cardmarket offers a comprehensive database with all cards for the supported games, so finding the right article is very easy.
  • Cardmarket offers a virtual account to manage your payments. So no matter from how many seller's you buy, you just need to make one transfer. Sellers receive their credit on their account and are free to choose when to transfer it to their bank account.
  • Cardmarket offers a third person payment system that gives a maximum level of security to both buyers and sellers.

Please do also consult our New User's Guide.

What can I buy/sell on Cardmarket?

We currently support cards, sealed product and accessories for the following games

  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game
  • Warcraft Trading Card Game
  • Spoils

Who can use Cardmarket?

Your have to be a citizen of continental Europe and at least 18 years old in order to use Cardmarket.

Do you offer auctions?

No, on Cardmarket there is only the possibility to buy/sell at fixed price.

What does it cost?

Generally, buying on Cardmarket is free and selling costs 5% of the sold article value. The exact fees can be seen in our Price List.

Buying on Cardmarket

How can I buy on Cardmarket?

Please do consult our Buyer's Guide.

What are the shipping costs on Cardmarket?

Please do consult our Shipping Costs page.

Are their additional costs when buying on Cardmarket?

There are no general fees for buying, however if you use the third party payment system, a 0.5% fee will be charged.

Why is registered shipping mandatory on some orders?

On Cardmarket, registered shipping is mandatory for orders over 25€. That means that you also benefit from the third party payment service for all those orders. For cheaper orders, you can choose between standard and registered shipping.

I am ordering for less than 25€. Why is registered shipping is mandatory?

Registered Shipping with third party payment is a security measure. While it generally only applies for orders over 25€, on very rare occasions, it will also be mandatory for smaller orders, namely if the seller is new (as long as you have less than 5 sales, your maximum value for standard shipping is 10€), or because we do believe that additional security measures need to be applied for this particular seller.

Why do I have to pay multiple shipping fees?

If you bought cards from different sellers, each of the sellers has to send you the cards and pay for shipping. That's why you have to pay shipping once for every seller you buy from. You can save shipping costs if you try to buy more cards from the same seller.

Paying on Cardmarket

What payment methods can I use on Cardmarket?

Cardmarket accepts payemnt via PayPal or SEPA Bank Transfer.

How do I credit my account?

Please go to

  • My profile -> Balance -> Credit User Account

and follow the instructions you'll find there.

Can I credit my Cardmarket account even if I haven't bought any cards?

You may credit your Cardmarket account anytime. Just like a bank account, the money will remain on your account until you use it to buy something or you withdraw it again. If you leave a certain amount of money on your Cardmarket account, you will be able to buy cards much faster, because you can pay instantly.

I have sent money by wire, but my Cardmarket account has not been credited

A SEPA money transfer takes usually from 1-3 business days (up to 5 days for a few banks), so please wait for at least 3 business days before contacting our Customer Support, taking into account that banks do not work on weekends. If you do contact our customer support, please make sure to send us the following information:

  • Full Name of the sender's account owner
  • Exact amount you sent
  • Date of the wire transfer
  • IBAN of the sender's account
  • The payment reason as you stated in the transfer

You may also send a screenshot of the transfer details as they appear in your online banking / bank extract. This will make sure that we can help you correctly.

Receiving your cards

What do I have to do, once I paid for my order?

Once you paid the order, you don't have to do anything. Cardmarket will inform the seller that the cards have been paid for, and send him your address so that he can ship the order. You will be informed by e-mail when the seller confirms the shipping of your order.

What can I do, if a seller does not ship the cards?

By buying the cards on Cardmarket, you have a legal buying contract with the seller, thus the seller has to ship the cards. If he is not doing it within the 3 days following your payment, you may contact him through the website to see if there is a problem. If the seller does not ship the cards within 7 days, you have the option to cancel the order. To do this, use the red cancellation button that will appear next to the order under "My buys". If you cancel the order, you will instantly be refunded the full amount of the order. The incident will be recorded in the seller's profile and may lead to a sanction against him.

The seller has confirmed shipping but I haven't gotten the order yet

Fist of all, please consider that national shipping takes approx. 2 business days, whereas international shipping can take up to 1 week. After this time has passed, you should contact the seller and inquire about the shipping, this is always the first stept to do.

After 14 days you will have the option to report a missing order. To do this, go to "My Buys -> Shipped Orders" and click on "Did arrive? [NO]"

  • In case of an untracked order (standard letter), this will mark the order as lost and the incident will be recorded in the seller's profile. The seller will also get an option to fully refund the lost order.
  • In case of a tracked order (using the third party payment system), this will inform our Customer Support about the problem and will launch an investigation. You will be contacted once there is news about the order.

I did receive the order, but there are cards missing / the card condition is not ok.

Again, in these cases, please do contact the seller and try to find a solution. If no solution can be found, you can contact our Customer Support and ask for help. Please note that we cannot take any position if seller and buyer do disagree on card condition!

I did receive the order. Everything is OK. What should I do now?

Upon receiving an order, you have to confirm the arrival in the "My buys" menu. After confirming the arrival you should leave a feedback for the card's quality as well as the package and shipping speed.

Selling on Cardmarket

How can I sell cards on Cardmarket?

Before you can start selling on Cardmarket, you have to go trough the Seller Activation process. Then you can start selling.

Before starting to sell on Cardmarket, please consult our Seller's Guide.

You can put cards and articles for sale through three interfaces:

  • Sell cards -> List Mixed Cards (Only for single cards)
  • Sell cards -> Bulk List Cards (Only for single cards)
  • Fast Lister directly on the Product Page (For every product)

How many products can I sell at once?

As a private seller, the technical limits to your offers are:

  • Singles: max. 32 copies per card
  • Boosters: max. 36 boosters per set
  • Booster Displays: max. 2 boxes per set
  • Sets: max. 6 of any set
  • Lots: only available to Professional Users
  • Fat Packs: max. 6 fat packs per set
  • Preconstructed Decks: max. 8 per deck
  • Starter Decks: max. 12 per deck
  • Tournament Pacsk: max. 8 per pack
  • Preconstructed Deck Displays: max. 2 per set
  • Accessories: max. 2 per article

Professional Users can offer an unlimited number of articles.

Where can I specify the shipping and handling costs for my articles?

On Cardmarket, the Shipping Costs are fixed by the system, so you do not need to specify any shipping costs. Professional seller may add Personal Shipping Methods for international shipping.

Can I upload scans/photographs of single cards?

On Cardmarket, we offer you a database with photos of all cards that have ever been printed. Therefore it is not necesseray to upload pictures of the cards you want to sell. If you are selling expensive cards and want to upload an original scan, you can still do this under the following conditions:

  • You need to have at least 5 very good Evaluations
  • The card value must be at least 1 €.
  • The scan must be in JPEG format and have a maximum size of 350KB.

If you fulfill all those requirements, you can add a scan image directly when listing the card in the "Sell cards" form.

You cannot add a scan to an already listed article. If you want to add a scan, you have to erase the card from your offers and list it again with a scan.

How can I modify or remove my listed cards?

In the menu My offers you can see all articles you are currently offering on Cardmarket. You can filter the list to find the articles you are looking for. To add or remove the article use the green plus button or the red minus button. If you would like to edit the article, you can either edit the articles one by one or use the Bulk Edit Mode.

How can I remove all my articles at once?

Currently, you may not erase all your articles yourself. Please contact our Customer Support (make sure you are logged in!) and send us a short request to remove all your articles.

Shipping your orders

Someone has bought cards from me and paid them. What do I have to do now?

You can see your open orders in the menu "My Sells". Please pack the cards in a secure package and ship them to the buyer's address that is given in the order summary. The desired shipping method is also shown in that screen. Once you have shipped the cards, please confirm the shipping by clicking on the appropriate button. It is very important that you confirm the shipping!

How do I properly pack and ship the cards I have sold?

Please have a look at our Packing Tutorial.

Someone has bought cards from me. But I don't have or I can't find the cards anymore.

This is pretty bad. By listing the cards on our website, you guarantee the availability of those cards. As a buyer buys the cards, a legal buyer's contract is established between you and the buyer. Please contact the buyer and try to find a solution to your problem. You can create a cancellation request under "My buys". If the buyer accepts the request, the order will be canceled. In this case your items will be re-listed, so make sure to correct your inventory as soon as possible in order to avoid selling these items again. If the buyer does not accept the request, you are bound to fulfill your contract. If there's only a small part of the order missing, perhaps you can agree on refunding the buyer the value of the missing cards. You can do so by offering a refund to the buyer.

Getting paid

I have sold cards and confirmed shipping but my account has not been credited. What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong. In your case, the buyer has chosen to use tracked shipping thus using our third-party payment system. The buyer has paid for the cards and the money is being administrated by Cardmarket. Once your order arrives and the buyer confirms the reception, the money will be transferred to your user account.

I have sent the cards, but the buyer does not confirm the reception.

Please contact the buyer and ask about your order. Please do not forget, that it might be possible, that the buyer is away for a few days and can only confirm the arrival once he is back. If you have sent your order by registered mail and the buyer does not confirm the arrival within 5 business days, please send an e-mail with the subject "Arrival confirmation" to our support team. Make sure you provide the Shipment Number, the Tracking Code of your postal service and the shipping date. We will verify the arrival and release your money if possible.

I have sent the cards, but the buyer claims that the card condition is not OK.

Trading card grading is very subjective. Although we offer a grading guide on our site, members tend to differ in card grading. Contact the buyer and try to find a solution to your differences. Please understand that Cardmarket will not take any position in an argument on card grading.

I have sold cards, but the buyer has left no feedback for the transaction.

Please contact the buyer and remind him to leave a feedback. Please do not contact our Customer Support, as we can't do anything for you in this case.

I have received wrong/unfair feedback. What can I do?

Please contact the buyer and try to get to an agreement with him. If this leads to no solution, and if the feedback is highly unfair, please contact our Customer Support].