Sellers with the Most Cards Returns to Wants Lists Near You

Development Update
18.11.2020 13:38

Sellers with the Most Cards Returns to Wants Lists Near You

We have some exciting news today! When we first introduced the new shopping wizard, we removed a popular user feature that caused performance issues across the website – Sellers with the Most Cards. The initial feedback we received was... constructive, to say the least. This naturally made us realize how essential this feature was to our users and we started working on a way to bring it back without the performance issues.

Well, we are happy to announce the return of Sellers with the Most Cards, albeit with some changes to reduce the performance issues the feature caused. The most important change is that users will no longer see prices on the Sellers with the Most Cards list. We know that this is not ideal but finding and keeping those prices up to date was the biggest drag on website performance. In exchange, users will be able to see how many articles the seller has and what percentage of their wants list that represents. Users can also go to a list of the articles a seller has from their wants list and, finally, users can add all matched articles from a seller directly to their cart.

Lastly, we want to stress that this is an ongoing process! We will continue to work on both the Shopping Wizard, Wants List, and all of our features on Cardmarket. We look forward to letting everyone know about the next big update!

Happy Shopping!

Your Cardmarket Team