Abyss Dweller

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LaDojdl(09.05.2015 01:31)

Also don't forget that this card also stops spells and traps, so it can be used to prevent those pesky cards like Hysteric Sign, Shaddoll Core and Blaze Accelerator Reload (use it outside MP so they won't chain it).

Kibowisp(08.05.2015 07:31)

Having trouble against burning abyss, shaddoll, lightsworn, infernoid... put 2 of these babies in your extra deck and you'll shrek them!

cookie51(07.05.2015 23:24)

This card is especially good versus decks that use their graveyard to start their combos. Summon this and make sure you use its effect properly! Keep in mind that it only stops effects from activating in the graveyard after it has resolved, so make sure you use it before your opponent activates their effects in the graveyard! Also, it doesn't negate activated effects once you chain to them.

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