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Yu-Gi-Oh! History: The Gravekeeper Archetype

ConstructedBy RyanA (2021-08-03)

Players who have been playing the game for a while will have some sense of familiarity with the Gravekeeper theme. This army of tomb guardians and their interaction with one of the most potent field spells the game had seen for a long time is a legacy definitely worth discussing.

Monarchs: From Strongest to Struggler

ConstructedBy Lepprince (2021-06-30)

Since the moment Monarchs entered the fray, they've been a big part of Yu-Gi-Oh! history, be it as generic staples or as the most affordable meta pick in the game's history, locking extra decks left and right. Today we will look at this archetype's rich history and how it impacted the game.

The Best Speed Duel Decks Beyond Battle City

Event CoverageBy RyanA (2021-04-13)

Despite organized play for Speed Duel being limited to the occasional Win-a-Mat at Extravaganzas, some unsanctioned events are getting a pretty good turnout consistently. The Speed Duel League allows players to compete for big prizes, and contenders continued to innovate on their strategies.

Staples Support Your Wallet

FinanceBy TayfunB (2021-03-31)

Highly valued staple cards are the best solution for players from a financial standpoint. It is a common misconception that the game would be cheaper overall if all staple cards were printed into oblivion. Let's look at examples from recent products to make the case in favor of expensive staples.

Building on a Budget: Skull Servant

ConstructedBy RyanA (2021-03-09)

Skull Servant is one of the oldest card designs in the game. It even made appearances in the original manga under its Japanese name, Wight. Some 25 years later, let's see how powerful the army of the King has become—while staying under triple digits in value for a low-budget strategy!

Building on a Budget: Dark Magician

ConstructedBy RyanA (2021-02-02)

For competitive players spending a couple hundred euros on a deck is nothing out of the ordinary, but not everyone has the ability to do so. Still that shouldn't stop them from aiming for the best possible results. I firmly believe you should play a deck you like, and for many people that's Dark Magician!

Speed Duel: A Look at the Current Format

ConstructedBy RyanA (2020-11-05)

One of the more lively Discord servers focused on the format, Tetra Speed Duel, recently hosted a tournament with an ultra rare Jinzo as the prize. Under the current social regulations the special events where you could pick one up in your store have been scarce, so naturally people were pretty hyped about this.

Yu-Gi-Oh! History: The Decks That Dominated 2012

EntertainmentBy RyanA (2020-10-08)

Sometimes, all you need to hear is a year to be reminded of a certain Yu-Gi-Oh! format. 2019 is "the eternal format," 2005 is Goats, 2014 is either HAT format or DUEA format, depending on who you ask. But what does the 2012 format look like? Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Drawing Two Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! – A Look Back

ConstructedBy SamS (2020-08-25)

Drawing two cards is one of the most powerful effects in Yu-Gi-Oh! and over the years we've come a long way and have seen many variations on the theme, from Pot of Greed to Pot of Desires. In this article, we'll look at how drawing two has shaped the metagame of Yu-Gi-Oh! over the years.

Up to Speed on Speed Duels

ConstructedBy RyanA (2020-07-14)

Starter Decks: Twisted Knightmares and Match of the Millennium were released near the end of May and greatly shook up the competitive scene. Last format, which started in December with the release of Trials of the Kingdom, was mostly dominated by the Cocoon Warrior strategy.

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