Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss

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Sunseting(2015-05-12 20:30)

Dante's price is dropping but I think with the release of Grieving Fiend it will be able to top again and maybe the price could rise

AftermathRV(2015-05-08 14:00)

yang zing wont top at all, but BA is barely played anyway. Many people thought it wont be good , and with nekroz the competetive BA Players wound down massively, i dont think the deck is going to be hit, seeing as its prolly going t2 after Cross. still my fav archtype simply because of the divina comedia.

Kibowisp(2015-05-08 07:10)

Please reprint in Mega tin 2015 Konami... so that everybody can use Burning Abyss... xD

Franky(2015-05-07 23:04)

I think its deck's story after Crossed Souls is about to end so maybe Konami might think about to get limited the same Dante because of money, such as Qliphort with Tools or Saqlifice. Nevertheless, it depends on how they play in European Championship and their results, which Top decks will probably be Nekroz, Shaddoll and Yang Zing.

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