Denko Sekka

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demian317(2015-05-09 20:28)

Very good card. Decks which do not rely on normal summoning, like shaddolls, can get the most out of it. It locks your oponent from responding with set cards completely (except if he has warning, veiler...). You can do great combos with it without interruption with set S/T cards.

LaDojdl(2015-05-09 12:46)

This card is probably the biggest threat to backrow decks since the ban of Heavy Storm in TCG, not to mention that the only solid out for it that doesn't make you lose card advantage is Solemn Warning.
I don't think it's going to get hit on the banlist soon, but, if in TCG we have all the generic mass backrow stooppers like Giant Trunade, Cold Wave and Heavy Storm banned, if would only be fair that this card also joins them.

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