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Probability in Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Math of Going Over 40

By Matilda (2022-03-31)

When building a new deck, most people tend to stick to the minimum number of cards. After all, many strategies just want to draw a specific starter. But there are decks that don't need to stay at the minimum. There is nothing wrong with playing 40 cards, but with a little bit of math we can uncover other possibilities.

Deck Spotlight: D/D/D

By TheLastPharaoh (2022-03-02)

Fusion summon, synchro summon, xyz summon, pendulum summon, and link summon. The one deck that does everything except ritual summoning returns and is stronger than ever! D/D/D got some new cards in Battle of Chaos, propelling the strategy right back into the midst of the competitive scene!

October 2021 Forbidden and Limited List Analysis

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-09-30)

It is time for a new format—a format that probably won't look much different from the previous one—after Konami updated the Forbidden and Limited List last week. Let's analyze the additions and subtractions, speculate on the underlying logic, and take a look at the impact it will have on the metagame.

Zombies at the Remote Duel Invitational Qualifier

By RyanA (2021-09-16)

Up until a few days before the Remote Duel Invitational Qualifier, I had no idea if I was even going to play in the event. After all, the weather would be great and my room would be warm. The evening before the event I won my locals with Zombies, and then I wanted to see how far I could take the deck.

2021 Tin of Ancient Battles Anticipation

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-09-14)

It is a fact we all know. The megatins make for the best reprint sets of the year. The community eagerly awaits them every year—this year even more so due to the product delay, which pushed the tins back for a month or more past their originally scheduled release date. Let's discuss the latest leaks!

Staples and Power Creep: From MST to Lightning Storm

By Lepprince (2021-08-04)

Ever since the game's inception, there have been cards the community has taken to calling "staples." Why this name? Well, because they hold the deck together. They're generic powerful cards that fit into basically any deck and are played in most formats. Let's take a look at these cards and how they have evolved!

Understanding the Decline of Virtual World Decks

By CloneBoyOllie (2021-07-08)

After the loss of its most powerful monster, Virtual World relied on other synchro and xyz heavy hitters to fill the void. However, with the dominance of more versatile decks in the previous format, Virtual World struggled to remain relevant. What made it one of the best decks around and why did it fall from favor?

New Ban List Shakes the Meta!

By Sunavalon (2021-06-29)

Let's be honest here, few expected the update to the Forbidden & Limited List to drop this soon, but hey, we all love early presents, right? Especially wild ones that are supposed to have a certain impact on today' s meta. Let's look at the hottest changes and discuss details and implications.

Graveyard Reliance and Its Counters

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-06-28)

The current format features decent diversity—seven different decks showed up in the Top 16 of the Luxury Championship Series. However, it appears that most strategies coincidentally rely on the graveyard, in one way or another, some more than others. You should build your side deck accordingly, and you can!

The New Metagame at the Benelux Extravaganza

By RyanA (2021-06-16)

A new set being introduced to the game is often an exciting opportunity for duelists to build new decks or to update their old ones. Lightning Overdrive added cards to a couple different strategies, which were successful at the past Benelux Remote Duel Extravaganza. Let's see what changed!

More 2021 Rituals: Another Run with Drytrons

By Tatsym (2021-05-20)

We previously took the Drytron archetype, supposedly past its prime, to a first-place finish at the last Extravaganza. But winning one event wasn't enough, so we fixed the deck up, and took it to the next Extravaganza. How did the deck do in round two? You'll find the answers right here.

Rituals in 2021: Winning the Extravaganza with Drytrons

By Tatsym (2021-05-06)

Does Drytron have what it takes to win? Can the deck rise to the top in a format filled with Dragons? How do you update the strategy to compete in the current metagame? There's no better way to answer these questions than to jump into a tournament with the deck and just keep winning.

Five Timeless Strategies

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-27)

Some decks are just timeless. Beloved and treasured by many, they can be picked up at any time during a given format and will do well in the hands of experienced duelists, almost like a trusted old friend. Today we're highlighting some of these decks that can still compete even years after being introduced.

Innovation Corner: Invoked Dino

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-08)

Welcome to Innovation Corner! In this series, we are going to explore interesting decks or combos that are fairly obscure or don't see mainstream play. The goal here is to give food for thought and break the mold. First, can the Invoked and Dinosaur themes work together in the same deck?

Report: Top 4 at the Invitational with Red-Eyes Eldlich

By Tatsym (2021-03-23)

The Remote Duel Invitational marked the end of the previous format. But to do well at this event, you didn't need to play any of the cards that since ended up on the Forbidden and Limited List. One could also sneak Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon-powered Eldlich past a bunch of True Kings of All Calamities …

Box Math: The Expected Value of Phantom Rage

By TayfunB (2021-03-16)

Should you buy a sealed box or directly pick up your desired singles instead? A sheer ideological debate divides the Yu-Gi-Oh! player base. This article will give you a framework that allows you to calculate the expected value of your pulls and help you make more informed decisions in the future.

Event Review: Remote Duel Invitational Qualifiers February

By RyanA (2021-03-11)

The events for UK/Ireland and for Germany plus northern Europe both had a pretty decent turnout: 45 and 43 players respectively used their invite to participate. The result was a pretty varied playing field. But which decks rose to the top? Which new cards made an impact? Let's have a look!

The Current State of Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!

By Tatsym (2021-02-23)

Over the past couple of months a number of Yu-Gi-Oh! Extravaganzas and Yu-Gi-Oh! Day tournaments took place. They act as the replacement for the Regionals and YCS events that we're missing during this crisis. Remote Dueling might not be the same as what we're used to, but it is all we have. And it isn't half bad.

News from February's Benelux Extravaganza

By RyanA (2021-02-17)

The Extravaganza event for the Benelux region, comprised of the Netherlands, northern Belgium, and Luxemburg, had 76 players entering. This put us just over the seven-round mark—plenty of playtime for these duelists to show off their skills! (Or in my personal case, lack thereof.)

Is Virtual World the New Deck to Beat?

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-12-01)

Virtual World came out of nowhere and took down a major! Well, we all knew it was a good deck. But most people thought it would only come into its own after the upcoming ban list announcement, scheduled for the second half of December. In this article, we will look at why the deck has shown up to the party early.

Return of the Staples

By Tatsym (2020-11-25)

Yu-Gi-Oh! always has been dominated by strong generic cards. These so-called staples see broad application across all kinds of decks and strategies. Each format has their own, and each new release brings new staples. But nowadays it seems like 50% of any deck are good generic cards.

Maximum Gold: Maximum Reprints

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-11-19)

Another gold set with much more appealing gold rare cards has hit the market and has become an instant success overnight. At the time of writing this article, the twenty best-selling cards on Cardmarket are all cards from Maximum Gold. It is a very special set that has something for everyone!

Should Broadbull Stay Banned?

By ThomasR (2020-11-18)

With the recent arrival of Phantom Rage, the TCG is seeing some new contenders to the heavy Dragon Link and Dinosaur metagame that preceded it. While some of the new themes introduced have been underwhelming, the set includes a wealth of support cards for pre-existing archetypes.

Useful Generic Cards from Phantom Rage

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-11-17)

Phantom Rage is out. Apart from archetype-specific legacy support and entirely new archetypes hitting the scene, we also get a bunch of generic cards that fit into different decks or side decks. Let us take a look and see what this set has to offer us in the generic cards department.

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