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Invoked: Five Years of Normal Summons

By Lepprince (2022-05-05)

February 23, 2017 saw the release of Fusion Enforcers. The set brought with it a ton of Predaplant and Fluffal support, but vastly overshadowing these two was Invoked. This simple but versatile engine quickly found itself in top cut breakdowns. How did it happen? And why are people still playing it five years later?

Engine Spotlight: Branded Fusion

By TheLastPharaoh (2022-04-28)

Structure Deck: Albaz Strike has dropped, and immediately the Despia/Branded deck started racking up finishes in the top of cut of various tournaments. It is all thanks to one engine that is splashable into many decks. Today we talk about this engine and its potential effect on deck building in the future.

The History of Fairy Decks

By RyanA (2022-01-25)

When you think about iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! types, most people's minds will wander in the direction of spellcasting mages, fierce dragons, or sinister fiends. However, our game has more to offer than that. Today, we look at some of the more iconic fairy cards and decks we've seen throughout the years.

Diving Deeper: An introduction to Plunder Patroll, Part 2

By RobinS (2021-09-07)

Today we dive deeper into the ocean on which the Plunder Patroll sails. There are several ways to play the archetype, different ways for the strategy's ships to conquer the seven seas. This article takes a closer look at the going-second variant of the deck and discusses some additional tech choices.

Generic Cards to Pick Up from Dawn of Majesty

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-08-18)

A new set means another opportunity for exploration and a new installment in this long-running series. While it is considered to be one of the weaker sets that have been released in a while, Dawn of Majesty does contain some very interesting generic cards that do deserve a second glance!

Graveyard Reliance and Its Counters

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-06-28)

The current format features decent diversity—seven different decks showed up in the Top 16 of the Luxury Championship Series. However, it appears that most strategies coincidentally rely on the graveyard, in one way or another, some more than others. You should build your side deck accordingly, and you can!

Rulings to Know: Tri-Brigade Revolt

By RobinS (2021-06-17)

Today's article looks at one of the current metagame's most popular cards: Tri-Brigade Revolt. Certain card interactions with Revolt have caused a great deal of confusion among players over the last few weeks. This article will look at those interactions and explain how they work.

Card Spotlight: Contact "C"

By RobinS (2021-05-27)

In this article, we will take a closer look at Contact "C"—a card that has found its way into several side decks in the past few weeks. Side deck cards, basically by definition, are meant to be good only against specific decks. Let's analyze against which decks it works best and which decks don't really care one itty bitty bit about the earthen insect.

Drawing Versus Searching

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-05-25)

To draw or to search? That is the question. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a game with no lack of draw and search cards, but is there an objective way to find out which outclasses the other? Is it better to increase the size of your hand or to get just the right cards for your strategy? Both have always been important …

More 2021 Rituals: Another Run with Drytrons

By Tatsym (2021-05-20)

We previously took the Drytron archetype, supposedly past its prime, to a first-place finish at the last Extravaganza. But winning one event wasn't enough, so we fixed the deck up, and took it to the next Extravaganza. How did the deck do in round two? You'll find the answers right here.

Card Spotlight: Nadir Servant

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-28)

Every now and then, there is this one card that gets printed which players glance at and say: "This card is amazing, and it can benefit my deck(s) so much." The topic of today's article fits the description perfectly, turning the extra deck into a way of gaining advantage in card economy.

Interview: Sebastian's 8-0 Prank-Kids Deck from LCS XII

By TayfunB (2021-04-14)

This past weekend, Prank-Kids took the highest number of top cut spots at the Luxury Championship Series XII event. Sebastian Zimmermann started 8-0 into the tournament and finished the Swiss portion in first place. He joins us for an interview to share his experience and his insight!

Interview: Nico's Dinosaurs from the Top 8 of LCS XI

By RobinS (2021-03-25)

Luxury Champion Series XI was the first event to follow the new ban list, and it was not entirely clear which decks would perform best in the fresh format. Nico Thielen managed to make it all the way to the Top 8 with his Dinosaurs, so how about a look at the list and an interview with the pilot?

Event Review: Remote Duel Invitational Qualifiers February

By RyanA (2021-03-11)

The events for UK/Ireland and for Germany plus northern Europe both had a pretty decent turnout: 45 and 43 players respectively used their invite to participate. The result was a pretty varied playing field. But which decks rose to the top? Which new cards made an impact? Let's have a look!

Some Staples This Format

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-10-20)

The new format is slowly taking shape. We now have a good idea of what the top decks in the metagame are and what cards people play in them to gain an edge over their competition. Let's browse a selection of some generic cards that will be important for the foreseeable future.

Back from the Dead: A History of Shaddolls

By Tatsym (2020-10-13)

Almost six years agon, Duelist Alliance released. This set introduced three metagame-defining archetypes that would change the Yu-Gi-Oh! landscape forever: Qliphort, Burning Abyss, and most importantly Shaddoll. In such a fast-paced and ever-evolving game, who expected a deck from 2014 still to be relevant in 2020?

Dogmatika – The New Meta Contender

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-08-18)

Dogmatika is one of the most anticipated archetypes of 2020. They are projected to be one of the top decks of the format. But they better function in mix with other archetypes. Let's find out what the cards do and what is the variant you are most likely to encounter in this format!

Cards to Pick Up for Rise of the Duelist

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-08-06)

Rise of the Duelist is just around the corner, and with it we will see a shift in the metagame as new strategies are introduced to the environment. Let us explore some of the cards that we can already pick up now, before the new format kicks in later this week, to prepare for what's to come.

Dinosaurs – Not so Extinct

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-07-21)

Have you ever tried making dinosaurs competitive in the past? By "past" I do not mean pre-historically. As a matter of fact, I can argue that this type was extinct up until April 2017. Was it a meteor or aliens that brought them to life? Nope, it was the Dinosmasher's Fury structure deck that changed everything.

The Legacy of Aleister and the Invoked

By Tatsym (2020-07-08)

It's the 24th of February in 2017. You just bought a booster box of the new set Fusion Enforcers, hoping to get that new Invoked Archetype. You open up your first couple of booster packs and there is Aleister the Invoker. You have no idea how much this card will impact the metagame going forward.

Deck Tech: Dragon Link FTK

By TheLastPharaoh (2020-07-02)

Dragon Link decks got a major boost recently that culminated in four top-cut finishes in the Luxury Championship Series 4 online tournament. The strategy gained new cards that added to its consistency and some versions even morphed into an FTK deck, which is what we are covering today.

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