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Linkuriboh Is the Best Kuriboh

Throughout the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, the protagonists have been aided by fluffy companions. The moment Yugi Mutou handed Jaden Yuki a Winged Kuriboh would become the start of a tradition for each main character to wield their own member of the Kuriboh archetype. Yusaku Fujiki from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime is no different – with Linkuriboh saving his Life Points multiple times. What seperates the latter from his Kuri-brothers is its actual viability in the TCG. Ever since it hit the Americas, it has been a staple in many competitive decks.

Bite My Shiny Metal Kuriboh

Linkuriboh has had three prints (as of 2019). Its first print was as an Ultra Rare, given out to Schonen Jump Magazine subscribers, thus was only available in North-America. It was immediately a succesful release, as it helped Gouki duelists complete their Extra Link with significantly more ease than previous versions of the deck. The card could have easily set you back $ 50.00 back then. The price has gone down thanks to its reprint as a Common in the 2018 Starter Deck: Codebreaker.  Nowadays, Linkuriboh can go for up to 45,00 € for an Ultra Rare JUMP copy, and its more obtainable Common version is about a tenth of that. The cards do exactly the same, but owning a first edition is definitely sweeter, especially in your extra deck full of foils.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Linkuriboh is probably the most commonly played Link 1 monster besides the Sky Striker ones. Prior to the card hitting the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, duelists had to rely on Link Spider or Knightmare Mermaid to serve as the head or tail of an Extra Link. While Linkuriboh does shine there, it does much more than being just an Extra Link tool. In its own deck, (Yes, Kuriboh is a deck.) it fills niche roles like letting you Tribute Relinkuriboh or preventing a duplicate name for your Saryuja Skull Dread play. Of course, there are more decks where Linkuriboh puts in work as well.

First, summoning Linkuriboh requires you to send a Level 1 monster from your field to the graveyard. Altergeist is a strategy that greatly abuses this mechanic, where Altergeist Meluseek can be triggered on turn 1. Clara & Rushka, the Ventriloduo can be played for that exact reason, but it won't go live until turn 2 due to its restriction. Altergeist players can also “seek” out their deck’s linchpin, Altergeist Multifaker, on turn 1. Blue-Eyes and Thunder Dragons do similar things, where Level 1 Stones and Thunder Dragonmatrix can be triggered by using them as Link materials.

Linkuriboh is often summoned using a Level 1 Token Monster. Tokens can of course be used for Link Summons, but some powerful Link Monsters require you to use Effect Monsters. In the case of Scapegoat, you can even link Linkuriboh away then Tribute a Goat Token to revive it. A great play after resolving Scapegoat is turning four Goat Tokens into Linkuriboh, a Link 2 Knightmare monster, and a revived Linkuriboh, allowing you to Link Summon Borreload Dragon or Borrelsword Dragon. You probably won’t ever see a deck playing Scapegoat without Linkuriboh for this exact reason. Mare Mare, a card that Dark Warrior decks summon thanks to Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing is similar to Scapegoat. Linkuriboh often fulfills a similar role when turning a board full of Tokens into 8000+ damage.


Linkuriboh is an incredibly useful little fellow, and it is available in both low rarity and a pretty blinged-out version for the more engaged fans of the card. It fills niche roles that make it an obvious pick in many players’ extra decks. Investing in this card is unlikely to backfire.

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