Masked HERO Dark Law

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Kibowisp(08.05.2015 08:15)

This format is all about searching... this card kills searching and it's easy to make in alot of decks with Mask Change II.

cookie51(07.05.2015 23:18)

This card is super strong against all kinds of decks as it doesn't allow them to make use of their graveyard and punishes them when they add a card from their deck to their hand! The easiest way to summon him is through A Hero Lives (by summoning E-Hero Shadow Mist and searching Mask Change). Other ways to easily summon him are for example using Tin Goldfish or Goblindbergh or Summoner Monk to special summon E-Hero Shadow Mist.

Franky(07.05.2015 22:58)

A card which is a Macro Cosmos for your opp and you can summon easily with Mask Change 2 in any deck which plays DARK monsters is insane, brutal and I love it.