Mirror Force

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JohnnyBot(03.01.2019 17:32)

Removing this card from the semi-limited list seems like a mistake :|

spyripper2(09.05.2015 20:01)

oohh this card from the distant past hehe. so many memories of destroying all monmsters with one card. oh such power. but the game has changed. however this is still a very powerfull card if it survives all the way to the battle face

Kibowisp(08.05.2015 08:12)

The card that flips games around... Everybody fears it but apparently nobody expects it... really weird how this card works that way... xD

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Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Life After Goats

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Sometimes, all you need to hear is a year to be reminded of a certain Yu-Gi-Oh! format. 2019 is "the eternal format," 2005 is Goats, 2014 is either HAT format or DUEA format, depending on who you ask. But what does the 2012 format look like? Let's take a trip down memory lane.

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When asked what my favorite core set is, I would be inclined to go for Metal Raiders. However, my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! product of all time would be Battle Pack: Epic Dawn. Released almost a decade ago, nothing about this pack was anything we had ever seen before in this game's history up to that point.

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This article is about my return to Yu-Gi-Oh! after a break of twelve years. A lot had changed during my absence, and I'll outline some key aspects. I hope this article can be a help to other returning players and that it will provide new players with some historic information about the game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Perfect Circle

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I usually like to think of the history of the game by looking at big innovations. One particular format-warping release was Dark Armed Dragon in January 2008. It's easy to make the mistake that the game was boring and slow before that, but hopefully I can change that prejudice today.

Critter Format: A Blast from the Past

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has been going strong for many years. Naturally, the game has evolved a lot since it first hit the shelves. It's always fun and interesting to look back at older formats — and to play them with friends! Today, we'll be looking at Critter format, which is one of the first formats the game ever knew.

My Favorite Format: Squirrel

By ThomasR (2020-06-05)

If you ask players about their favorite format, many will recall iconic decks like Zoodiac or Dragon Rulers. Others prefer slower paced nostalgic matches, like those of Goat Control or even Legend of Blue Eyes era. My favorite format is none of those. It's unlikely that you will have played it, or even heard of it.

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