Solemn Scolding

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save921(18.05.2015 17:40)

MST has come back in the main alongside Galaxy Cyclone. This card is not so good anymore.

Rikapen(08.05.2015 11:21)

Solemn Scolding is the most powerful generic counter trap in the game. Paying 3000 LP may be a steep cost, but being able to negate pretty much every effect / summon is definitely not something to be overlooked. As it stands, it completely outclasses the other two "Solemn" cards (Judgement and Warning), however, not all decks can use Scolding. Because of its activation condition you might want to use Scolding only if your deck runs few normal/counter trap cards and you can put a strong monster presence on the field. That's where Solemn Scolding truly shines.