Summon Sorceress

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Summon Sorceress Does What Other Summoners Don’t

Special Summoning monsters from the deck is one of the most powerful mechanics in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. This is why most cards that could Special Summon in the past would either have a limited range of monsters they could summon, a steep cost, a difficult condition, or a combination of those. Summon Sorceress isn't so different. First, you need to get her on the field. She’s a Link 3 monster that requires monsters of the same type. During the summon, you can Special Summon a monster from your hand on the opponent’s zone she points to. Then, you can Special Summon a monster from your deck of the same type as that monster she pointed to at the cost of negating its effect. The whole effect is easy to understand and easier to use, and has led to this card popping up in multiple decks.

So Many Types, So Many Decks

Since Summon Sorceress doesn’t have to give your opponent a monster, she can basically pull any monster from your deck – as long as you can bring out a monster of a specific type based on the Sorceress’ Link arrows.

A once popular deck that utilized warrior monsters was Gouki. Gouki decks abused Summon Sorceress because their on-field effects were rarely important. After using the Sorceress’ effect, you could simply link her away, along with the summoned monster, and get the Gouki monster’s effect off. A deck similar to Gouki that is still seeing play today is Orcust (Jap. Orphegel), wherein she brings out World Legacy - "World Wand". Getting the latter into the graveyard is essential for the final steps of the combo.

Summing up all the decks wherein Summon Sorceress sees play would be impossible. Not only can she be seen in the aforementioned examples and other meta-relevant decks, such as Thunder Dragon and Guardragon variants, but there are plenty of rogue deck options for her as well, such as Zombies and Cyber Dragons. If your deck has multiple monsters of the same type and can bring out plenty of monsters to link with, Summon Sorceress is a card too good to not include.

Just Like Yusaku Fujiki's Linkuriboh

Summon Sorceress was released just in time for the American National Championship about halfway through 2018. It made its jump into Europe near the end of that same year as a Soul Fusion: Special Edition promo card. However, it had already actually existed long before that in Shonen Jump Magazine.

As with any great Shonen Jump Magazine promo, its original prize tag was pretty hefty and getting your hands on one would have easily set you back anywhere between 30-50,00 € depending on how you were buying it. Not a lot of Americans were eager to export them to a niche audience back then, seeing as the card was incredibly popular. Luckily, the Soul Fusion reprint dropped the price to a cup of coffee over the course of a few months. Nowadays, duelists looking for some bling can still get a beautiful Ultra Rare for about 15-20,00 € - half its original price! With the popularity of combo decks in the current meta and the key part Summon Sorceress plays in those combo decks, her Super Rare version is a must-have and her Ultra Rare makes for a solid investment.

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