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Back from the Dead: A History of Shaddolls

EntertainmentBy Tatsym (2020-10-13)

Almost six years agon, Duelist Alliance released. This set introduced three metagame-defining archetypes that would change the Yu-Gi-Oh! landscape forever: Qliphort, Burning Abyss, and most importantly Shaddoll. In such a fast-paced and ever-evolving game, who expected a deck from 2014 still to be relevant in 2020?

Card Spotlight: Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

ConstructedBy TheLastPharaoh (2020-09-03)

The 2020 Tin of Lost Memories just dropped, giving us much needed reprints and some rarity upgrades along with four new Ultra Rare cards. One of them is arguably the most anticipated card of the year, which is destined to find its way into so many decks. Let's dive into those dark, red eyes …

Staples from Rise of the Duelist

ConstructedBy TheLastPharaoh (2020-08-20)

Rise of the Duelist has hit the shelves and increased our pool of available cards. While there are some new strategies as well as specific cards that enhance existing strategies, there are also cards that go into almost any deck — staples. Let's explore the staple cards from this set.

Cards to Pick Up for Rise of the Duelist

ConstructedBy TheLastPharaoh (2020-08-06)

Rise of the Duelist is just around the corner, and with it we will see a shift in the metagame as new strategies are introduced to the environment. Let us explore some of the cards that we can already pick up now, before the new format kicks in later this week, to prepare for what's to come.

Going Second: Prevent a Board or Break It

ConstructedBy RyanA (2020-06-05)

Most trading card games have special rules in place for the first turn. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, the starting player is unable to draw during their Draw Phase or conduct their Battle Phase. Nevertheless, choosing to go first has always been the norm for the majority of players. But one should at least consider the alternative.

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