Set Information

The 2018 Advent Calendar Is the Perfect Countdown to Christmas!

25 October 2018 will mark the return of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar. The previous two installments of these special products were exclusive to Germany and Austria. However, this year everyone will be able to countdown to Christmas in true Yu-Gi-Oh! fashion. The Advent Calendar 2018 will contain a total of 24 cards with 14 super rares and ten ultra rares.

24 Days 24 Cards

The YGO Advent Calendar works just any other Advent calendar: There are 24 "doors" (also called "windows") and you open one per day, beginning 1 December all the way up to 24 December. This means, you get a new YGO card every single day!

One of the cards included is Toy Magician, a card that was previously only available as a secret rare in The Duelist Genesis, which was released ten years ago. In spite of the card no longer seeing any competitive play, a reprint has been way overdue. But where do you store your Toy Magicians after playing with them on Christmas morning? In your Box of Friends of course! Previously released in Number Hunters (released 2013), this card supported Normal Monsters with 0 ATK or DEF, making it an interesting tech card for Gem-Knights, Hieratics, and even Metalfoes if used the right way.

What to Expect in Your Christmas Stocking

Only three cards have been announced to be included in the 2018 Advent Calendar so far, so what other cards can we expect to find in this special set? Konami regularly releases holiday-themed cards and most of the time these cards make their debut as promo cards for Japanese events. Some examples are Ghost Beef and Gift Exchange, which are big contenders to be included in this year's Advent Calendar. Even though it is not yet clear if there will be any new cards in this set, it’s possible that other Japanese OCG event promos will make their way over to the TCG in this product. Cards like Link Party, Linklebell, and Bellcat Fighter come to mind, but only time will tell what we’ll find inside doors one to twenty-four. Makes our Christmas even more exiting this year, doesn't it?