Set Information

Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep Is the Catch of the Day!

The second Speed Duel expansion has been revealed and will arrive on 30 May 2019. Arena of Lost Souls introduced brand new Skill cards for Bonz and his zombie strategies; Attack from the Deep will introduce Mako Tsunami and his menacing sea creatures! The set will include 34 Commons, eight Super Rares, and eight Ultra Rares, making for a total of 50 cards to strengthen your Speed Duel decks!

Some of the new cards that will be introduced in this set are Levia-Dragon - Daedalus and The Legendary Fisherman, cards that benefit from Umi being on the field. This makes it safe to assume that Mako’s Duel Links Skill, which automatically turns the field into Umi, will be included in this set. Other Skill cards will include a new Seto Kaiba Skill, themed around his deadly Virus cards and one for Joey Wheeler, who is pushing his luck once again! Check back in late April 2019 for the full expansion breakdown, where we'll discuss the chase cards for Speed duelers out there.