Set Information

Brave the Seven Seas in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG's Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep

After Arena of Lost Souls (March 2019), it is time for the second Speed Duel expansion to make its debut. Attack from the Deep not only includes new skills and cards for Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler, but it also introduces Mako Tsunami (Ryota Kajiki in the manga) as a playable character and as a full deck! The set includes 34 Commons, eight Super Rares, and eight ultra rares – making for a total of 50 cards to strengthen your Speed Duel deck!

Kaiba’s Deadly Virus!

Besides Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Kaiba wields deadly virus cards to decimate his opponents’ decks. In Attack from the Deep, these viruses are contained in a brand-new Skill card for Kaiba, making sure you’ll always have them ready! But you can’t spell Kaiba without Beatdown and another card included in this set is Blade Knight. A classic Kaiba card, this Effect Monster can pump up his ATK to 2000 if you have one or less cards in your hand. Furthermore, he is able to negate the effects of Flip monsters that he destroys in battle, but only if he’s the only monster you control.

A Tsunami of Sea Creatures

The new character introduced in Attack from the Deep is Mako Tsunami, a character known for his aquatic stealth attacks. Some sea dwelling monsters that will make their way to Speed Dueling are Levia-Dragon-Daedalus and The Legendary Fisherman, two cards that benefit from having Umi on the field. It is also very possible that Mako’s Duel Links skill, Mythic Depths, will make its way to Speed Dueling. This skill let’s you start with Umi already active on the field, similar to Kaiba’s Peak Performance Skill card from the Speed Duel Starter Decks.

Of course that’s not all! Magician of Faith is making its Speed Duel debut as a Flip monster that can retrieve used Spells cards from your graveyard. Then there are the Spell/Trap removals, like in the form of Dust Tornado, a Trap card for Joey that revolves around his gambling strategies.

Be sure to stay up-to-speed when Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep releases on 30 May 2019. Each booster pack with contain four cards for an MSRP of $ 1.49 (approx. 1,49 €).