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New Battles, Old Legends

The Battles of Legend is a booster set series well known to all duelists around the world. These sets always feature brand-new exciting cards, imports from the OCG, and many reprints. Battles of Legend: Hero’s Revenge is no exception.

Battles of Legend: Hero's Revenge is packed with cards from past Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga series that have never been released in the TCG. So, for the first time ever, meet the great new card, Salamangreat Almiraj. This Cyberse / Effect / Link Monster is a lot more than your usual Salamangreat card. Summoned with an 1000 ATK monster or less, Almiraj can Tribute itself to target one monster you control, plus it cannot be destroyed by your opponent’s card effects during this turn. On top of this protection, Almiraj can summon itself back from the graveyard when a Normal Summoned monster you control is destroyed in battle. This may just be the Link 1 monster that many YGO duelists have been waiting for.

Then, there's PSY-Framelord Lambda, another Effect / Link Monster that lets you activate your PSY-Framegear cards from your hand… even if you already control a monster! Normally, you can only activate the effects of cards like PSY-Framegear Gamma when you don't control any monster. But PSY-Framelord Lambda ignores that completely and unleashes the full power of PSY-Frames. This Link 2 monster even has a second effect that activates when a psychic monster you control is banished, letting you then add any PSY-Frame card from your deck to your hand during the End Phase of this turn. Lambda is definitely a perfect card that suits the PSY-Frame playstyle, making the type more accessible to other decks.

These aren’t the only new cards that will see the light in this latest Yu-Gi-Oh! set. Black Luster Soldier, the Chaos Warrior is also making its debut as the first ever Black Luster Soldier Link Monster, together with Traptrix Sera, the Traptrix Link monster. Don't miss out on the brand-new archetype as well: Battlewasp. This new Synchro archetype can swarm your opponents with tiny wasps, while stinging with tiny burn damage to finish on strong boss monsters. This archetype is a definite buzz!

The Taste of a Hero's Revenge Has Never Been Sweeter

Battles of Legend: Hero's Revenge's roster of reprints is just as exciting as its new cards with sought after cards, such as Artifact Lancea, Dinowrestler Pankratops, Number 93: Utopia Kaiser, Borrelsword Dragon, and Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! As a bonus, Nekroz Cycle, the card missing from Duel Power, is reprinted as an Ultra rare, thus matching the new reprints for the Nekroz archetype.

In line with the other Battles of Legend releases, Hero's Revenge is sure to be a super impactful set that will affect both the meta and market by making certain cards easier to obtain and bringing new impactful cards to the table. This expansion has a lot to offer for both competitive and casual players, so with an MSRP of 3,99 € (approx.), prepare for exciting duels come 11 July 2019.

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CMT94(26.06.2019 18:30)

Wow, Hero's Revenge, but i see no mentioning of HERO monsters....