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Blazing Vortex Lights Up the Field!

Blazing Vortex only hit the dueling scene in early February 2021, but it's already leaving a lasting mark on the game. With almost 100 new cards to collect and something for everyone, this set is one to pick up.

What makes Blazing Vortex special is that there is a big emphasis on casual strategies, as opposed to most expansions, which focus purely on the competitive elements of the TCG. This set allows fans of Chazz Princeton to build an actual Armed Dragon deck, with a new line-up of the infamous Level-Up strategy, including a Society of Light-themed boss monster. You can play the cards as an engine in your Dragon Link strategy, build a pure version, or go all-in and Chazz it up by playing them in combination with Ojamas and Union monsters.

The S-Force, or Security Force, is a squad of intergalactic agents who punish evildoers who stand in their way! You can take that literally, as their main strategy is to forcefully banish the opponent's cards in the same column as your S-Force cards. Their boss monster, S-Force Justify, is a Link 3 Monster with three upward arrows that can exile any creature those arrows point toward. Talk about a sharpshooter!

If you are more of a "big blasts" kind of duelist instead of S-Force accuracy, look no further than the Springans! This deck is based on a big Xyz that can strike hard! Springans Ship-Exblowrer is easy to bring out, can jump out of the way by banishing itself while under attack, and during your turn, it can destroy a monster card zone so hard the cards next to it get popped as well! If you're even more of a raw force enthusiast, you can even bring War Rocks to a kitchen table near you. This tribal-style deck is all about the battle phase!

Reignite Old Strategies

New cards are not all that Blazing Vortex has to offer. As always, there are plenty of treats for your old decks as well. Tri-Brigade Kitt is a friend of the Springans, but has actually shown itself a worthy protector of the Lyrilusc Maidens as well. It allowed the Bird-Up strategy to soar up high into the sky, straight to the top tables!

Speaking of the top tables, over there you might encounter the Virtual Worlds, who gained some new cards as well! Virtual World Gate – Xuanwu is a new trap card whose main effect is being able to banish itself from the graveyard to revive a fallen Virtual World monster. Virtual World Oto-Hime – Toutou can serve as either a tuner or a non-tuner, bringing some extra flexibility to this already powerful deck.

If you're thinking that this set is already getting too full, think again! There are new cards for over a dozen strategies: Windwitch, Fabled, Skull Servant, Live/Evil Twins, Machina, Dream Mirror, and Ojamas (to mix and match with your Armed Dragons, of course).

Lastly, for the collectors, there are a few chase cards in this set. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier is the reprinted Starlight Rare, and will fit right into your Ice Barrier deck, or any Synchro strategy! If you're not really using your extra deck all that much, why not use it as ammunition for the new Pot of Prosperity, the latest piece of draw power that is making a massive impact on the competitive scene. It comes both in Secret Rare and Starlight Rare. Filling up the remaining Starlight slots are Armed Dragon Thunder LV10, LiveTwin Lil-la Treat and Heavenly Zephyr – Miradora. All five of these are extremely hard to find; will the odds be with you?

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