Set Information

Chaos Impact Enters the Arena!

Chaos Impact will be the last mainline expansion of 2019 and the year is certainly going out with a bang! Expect new Link Monsters for many different strategies like Insects, Evil Eye, Salamangreat, Mariness, and the first ever playable Link 5 monster: Firewall Dragon Darkfluid. The fan-favorite Gladiator Beasts will also be making a comback with their new Link Monster, Test Panther* and Fusion Monster, Gladiator Beast Domitianus*.

Chaos Impact also introduces a brand-new archetype to the game: Hakai*. These Fiend-type monsters will revolve around destroying their own cards and gaining advantage whenever they do so. Additionally, some of their monsters, like Hakaishin Ragia* and Hakaishin Arba* will allow you to use your opponent’s monsters to Link climb into stronger DARK Link Monsters!

Be sure to check back around late September 2019 for a more in depth look at what this new set has to offer!

*English names not finalized.