Name: Clash of Rebellions Number of cards: 100 Release Date: 06 / Aug / 2015 Sneak Peek Date: 01 & 02 / Aug / 2015 Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean Sneak Peek Promo Card: Sky Dragoons of Draconia Cover Card: Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon This is the rarity distribution for Clash of Rebellions: 8 Secret Rares / 10 Ultra Rares / 14 Super Rares / 20 Rares / 48 Commons

Set Information

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General Information

Clash of Rebellions is the 56th Yu-Gi-Oh! release. This translates to the fifth release in the ninth series of the OCG, the Japanese version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (the OCG distinguishes between “series” that are loosely based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime). The set follows Crossed Souls and the release after it will be Dimension of Chaos, scheduled for a release in November 2015.

Release Date and Sneak Peek

The set became available in Europe on August the 6th, while the Sneak Peek had already been held the prior weekend on August the 1st and 2nd. This makes it the third regular Yu-Gi-Oh! set that was released in 2015. The promo card that was exclusively available at the Sneak Peek was CORE-EN000: Sky Dragoons of Draconia.

A closer look at the CORE spoiler reveals three bigger archetypes that most of the cards belong to: The Performages, the “Aroma” monsters as well as the “Igknights”.

Tricky Performages

All of the Performages are Spellcaster monsters and they have been played by Dennis Macfield in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. The name indicates that they are somehow connected to the Performapals, so it wouldn’t be all too surprising if cards became available that work well in both archetypes, allowing you to play both of them together.

The Performages either trigger when effect damage is being dealt or they deal effect damage themselves. They also have strong swarming capabilities, allowing for easy Xyz Summons. Last, but certainly not least, they can also be used as filler material to improve other existing strategies. Performage Damage Juggler, Performage Hat Tricker and Performage Trick Clown have already been splashed successfully in Nekroz decks and this is often called the “Clown Engine”. In fact, Lorenzo Santoni won the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Rimini in August 2015 with his Nekroz Performage Deck.

(Since all of these cards are Commons, they are all extremely cheap and always available on our Yu-Gi-Oh! marketplace.)


The speciality of the “Aromage” monsters are the own Life Points. As long as you have more LP than your opponent, their continuous effect kicks in. In case of Aromage Jasmin, this would allow you to Normal Summon or Set an additional Plant Type monster. On top of that, they all have a trigger effect that kicks in whenever you gain LP, e.g. Aromage Rosemary would allow you to change the battle position of an opponent’s monster, setting you up for some favorable trades in the Battle Phase.

Fans of this archetype will have to wait a little longer until it becomes a viable contender to win larger tournaments. The cards that have been released thus far are not quite up for such a challenge. In case you do expect them to become a lot stronger, we recommend getting your hands on the holo cards as long as these YGO cards are still available for extremely low prices.

The explosive Igknights

The third new theme deck are the Igknights. Almost all of them are Normal Pendulum Monsters and their Pendulum Effect allows you to destroy both itself as well as an “Igknight” card in your other Pendulum Zone to search your deck or Graveyard for a FIRE Warrior-Type monster and add it to your hand (which means you can go searching for any Igknight monster). While you always lose 1 card when you’re activating this effect, keep in mind that the destroyed cards end up face-up in your Extra Deck. That means you can Pendulum Summon all of them back to the field turn after turn and use them for Xyz Summons and other shenanigans.

A couple of nifty strategists already came up with various versions of Igknight OTK decks. Some of them make use of Royal Magic Library while others focus exclusively on Xyz Monsters like Volcasaurus to wrap things up as fast as possible. In any case, this deck is another strong contender to make some waves at larger tournaments.

Legacy Support

Even if you don’t like the brand new decks, there are a lot of cards that help push existing strategies. These cards are often described as Legacy Support and there’s plenty of that in CORE. Whether you’re a friend of the Archfiends, the “Cyber Dragon” archetype, the “Melodious” monsters, the above mentioned Performapals, the Raidraptors or the “Rank-Up Magic” theme.

One exciting new trend is the reinvigoration of classic archetypes. Not only are there new Toon monsters in CORE that would make Maximilian Pegasus happy who played the deck in the original anime, there are also new “Red-Eyes” cards that will make every Joey fan happy. Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon is a mighty Rank 7 Xyz Monster that can’t be destroyed by card effects as long as it has Xyz Material. Also, each time your opponent activates a card or an effect, it deals 500 points of effect damage, making it a very costly investment to get rid of it in case you’re not holding on to a card with a Raigeki like effect.

TCG Exclusives in CORE

Among the “TCG Exclusives” – cards, that haven’t been released in Japan so far - are the first handful of “Kozmo” monsters. Specifically, 4 monsters and 1 Field Spell Card made it into CORE, but those were already enough to put together a powerful Kozmo Deck. The Austrian Peter Groß used such a build to make it to the knock out stage of YCS Rimini.

The Kozmo deck is extremely explosive since all of the lower level Kozmo monsters (e.g. Kozmo Farmgirl) can banish itself to Special Summon a Kozmo Monster with a higher level from your hand. That means you can attack with several monsters all in the same Battle Phase to dramatically reduce your opponent’s Life Points. You can see that very nicely in Peter Groß’s video feature match at YCS Rimini.

Another important pillar of the success of the deck is the Field Spell Card Kozmotown that packs 3 different effects. You can either return one of your banished “Kozmo” monsters back to your hand for a very small price, shuffle Kozmo monsters in your hand back into your deck to draw as many new cards and improve your hand or you can search your deck for 1 “Kozmo” card when Kozmotown gets destroyed while it’s in the Field Spell Card Zone. Thanks to the last effect, most opponent’s will simply leave the card where it is and try to fight the uphill battle with you gaining more and more of an advantage thanks to the Spell.

Cover Card and Ghost Rare

The Cover Card of the set is Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, a card that Yuya Sakaki used a number of times in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime to decide games for himself. Not only does he allow you to search your deck for another Pendulum Monster as long as he’s in your Pendulum Zone, he also happens to be an impressive Rank 7 Xyz Monster with a whopping 3000 ATK.

He’s the first Xyz Monster you can Special Summon face-up from your Extra Deck as he’s also a Pendulum Monster, making it that much harder for your opponent to ever get rid of it completely.

The Ghost Rare of the set is the earlier mentioned Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon. It will be one of the last Ghost Rares, which means it might end up becoming a real collector’s item.