Name: Code of the Duelist Number of cards: 100 Release Date: 3 / August / 2017 Sneak Peek Date: 29 & 30 / July / 2017 Languages: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Japanisch Sneak Peek Promo Card: COTD-ENSP1 Vendread Houndhorde Cover Card: COTD-EN043 Firewall Dragon This is the rarity distribution for the 100 cards in Code of the Duelist: 8 Secret Rares / 10 Ultra Rares / 14 Super Rares / 20 Rares/ 48 Commons

Set Information

General Information

Code of the Duelist is the 64th Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion and is released on the 3rd of August 2017 in Europe. Code of the Duelist is going to mark the beginning of the 10th block of Yu-Gi-Oh! expansions. It follows the latest set, Maximum Crisis and will be followed by Circuit Break in October.


A brand-new mechanic: Link Summon!

Code of the Duelist is going to be a very special set. It is going to be the first expansion to contain the new Link Monsters, first introduced to the TCG in the upcoming Structure Deck: Link Strike (available July 20th).
Link Monsters are blue, but you can easily tell the difference between them and Ritual Monsters since Links also have the so-called Link Markers on them. These red arrows point towards certain directions and play a big role in the strategy of using Link Monsters. Link Monsters go into the Extra Deck and are summoned by sending Monsters from your field to the graveyard equal to the Link Monsters Link number. Link Monsters themselves count as multiple materials equal to their own Link number.
Of course there is much more to learn about them, so don't miss the chance to get your hands on them for cheap and also check out the Structure Deck: Link Strike for more general information about Link summoning.


The cover card: Firewall Dragon!

The cover Monster is of course a Link Monster. Firewall Dragon is a Link-4 Monster that becomes very powerful when you build your field around him to support his effects. One of his effects lets you send cards from the field or graveyard back to the hand up to the number of Link Monsters mutually linked to him. Another ability of Firewall Dragon is special summoning a Monster from your hand when a Monster in one of its linked zones leaves the field. Possibilities are endless and it is going to be exciting which strategies will revolve around this boss Monster.


Japanese Idols named after Flowers - the Trickstars!

Yes you read that right, the Trickstars are an archetype of LIGHT Fairy-Type Monsters based on famous Japanese idols and are all named after flowers. Regarding their strategy, they revolve around dealing a lot of effect damage very consistently.

Their two main Monsters are Trickstar Candina and Trickstar Lycoris. Trickstar Candina lets you add any Trickstar card from your deck to your hand when it’s summoned and Trickstar Lycoris cam be special summoned by bouncing a Trickstar Monster you control back to your hand so you can reuse effects like the one of Candina. Since Trickstar Candina is not a “once per turn”-effect you can even use cards like Double Summon or Chain Summoning to use it again right away.

Trickstar Lilybell can be special summoned immediately when it’s added to your hand and can attack directly. If it connects with your opponent’s life points, it can also add back a Trickstar Monster from your graveyard to your hand. All of them also have small additional effects that dish out burn damage here and there. The themed field spell is Trickstar Light Stage which lets you add a Trickstar Monster from your deck to your hand when activated and also adds 200 damage whenever a Trickstar deals damage, so that can really add up.

They also have their own trap called Trickstar Reincarnation, which manipulates the opponents hand and also brings back Trickstar Monsters from the graveyard later. Trickstar Holly Angel is their own Link-Monster. She also deals effect damage and gains attack whenever she does, so she can become very powerful.


Get in the ring with Goukis!

The Gouki are EARTH Warrior-type Monsters and the entire archetype is based around wrestling. The Monsters names are connected to certain animals and also to some wrestling/fighting moves. 

It is a very offensively themed deck, with all the Monsters having 0 DEF and only focusing on attacking. Also, every Gouki Monster can search another one once it leaves the field. 
The themes own spell, Gouki Re-Match, lets you special summon two Goukis with different levels from your graveyard! As you can see, Goukis are quite good and maintaining their resources.

Of course, they also get their own Link Monster: Gouki The Great Ogre. It is a Link-3 Monster that makes every Monster lose ATK equal to its DEF, which is very convenient for Goukis since they all have 0 DEF.


The first real Link archetype - The World Chalice

The World Chalice are the first heavily Link-based archetype. They have a whooping number of four theme-own Link Monsters! To help them summoning those Monsters they have their own sub-archetype to support them, the World Legacy.

In order to summon multiple Link Monsters consistently, they are usually using Agent of Creation - Venus to summon a couple of Mystical Shine Ball to use them as link materials. The World Chalice deck can easily summon Agent of Creation - Venus via Transmodify, since Lee the World Chalice Fairy is a Level 2 LIGHT fairy.  World Legacy – “World Chalice” is another card that is very helpful to access more Monsters for Link summons.
Since their own Link Monsters aren’t too strong the deck tries to abuse Firewall Dragon as much as possible to interrupt the opponent on their turn.

Since the archetype has multiple normal Monsters as well, it can easily be combined with popular cards like Rescue Rabbit or Unexpected Dai.


TCG Only: F.A. and Vendread

Once again, the TCG will get some exclusive cards in this set. SPYRAL and Subterror are replaced by F.A. and Vendread, which are going to be the new TCG exclusive archetypes for the upcoming sets.

F.A. base on futuristic racecars that can adjust their levels. Their effects depend on their current level: The higher it is, the stronger they get! Each time a F.A Spell or Trap card is activated they increase their own level.

The Sneak Peek Promo card Vendread Houndhorde provides an insight into the second archetype. It’s a zombie-type Ritual based theme. In Code of the Duelist there will be 6 cards, amongst them we find Revendread Slayer, the first and only Ritual Monster so far. The remaining cards focus primarily on summoning it more easily whilst also providing it with additional effects.


Other interesting cards

Of course there are other exciting and useful cards in the set besides the new theme decks.

The new Twilightsworn cards add a twist to the old Lightsworn archetype. We are getting DARK attribute counterparts to Judgement Dragon, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress and Ryko , Lightsworn Hunter

The four dimensional dragons, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon are upgraded and more powerful versions called Supreme King Dragons. 

Speaking of upgrades, D/D/D Wave King Caesar and D/D/D Gust King Alexander are getting one too. Their new versions are going to have a higher Rank/Level alongside a more powerful effect. In the OCG D/D/D Flame King Genghis received such an upgrade as well, unfortunately we won’t receive that one yet.

Another card that is worth mentioning is Missus Radiant. It is a Link-2 Monster that requires EARTH Monsters as Link material, so it harmonizes very well with the well-known Zoodiac archetype that dominated the tournament scene during last months. The new Link summoning mechanic will prevent them from flooding the board with XYZ Monsters as easily as before. Missus Radiant helps to fix that problem to a certain degree since it allows the player to summon more than one Extra Deck Monsters while also boosting the ATK of all EARTH Monsters.