Set Information

Dark Clouds Mean A Dark Neostorm

The second main set of the year will be hitting the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG on 2 May 2019. Dark Neostorm is filled with support for existing decks like Salamangreat, Orcust, Destiny HEROes and the first Cyberse Xyz monster: *Firewall Xceed Dragon! The set will contain 100 cards with 48 commons, 20 rares, 14 super rares, 10 ultra rares, and eight secret rares.

When the bell of the Clocktower Prison tolls, it’s time for *Destiny HERO - Dominateguy to arrive! A big level 10 Fusion monster that not only supports the Diamond Dude strategy, but also lets you revive 3 Destiny HERO monsters from your GY when he is destroyed.

The World Legacy story comes to an end with the menacing *Astro Knightmare Idolee, a monster that can rid the field of all Link monsters. There will be a face off with *World Regalia Demiurgear, a link monster who is unaffected by other monsters’ effect and, if conditions are met, can destroy all other cards on the field.

Of course there will be new TCG-exclusive cards in Dark Neostorm, further expanding the Time Thief and Valkyrie archetypes. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on this brand new set come early April 2019.

*English name not official.