Name of Set: Dark Saviors
Number of Cards: 60
Release Date: May 24, 2018
Languages Available: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

Set Information

Vampires Are Back in Dark Saviors and No Stakes Lie in Their Path

Vampires, surprisingly, do not have their own monster type in Yu-Gi-Oh!, being relegated to the wider Zombie monster type instead. And while they don't show up often in Zombie lists now, which are more combo-oriented and synergistic, Zombies like Vampire Lord used to be a powerful addition to older Zombie decks. Dark Saviors, the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion, released on 15 May 2018, looks to change this, bringing a whole new host of Vampires to the TCG. Dark Saviors booster packs have an MSRP of $ 3.99 (est. 3,27 €), and the Dark Saviors booster set comes with 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares. This ensures that every Vampire you pull will be a nice foil for any Zombie deck you might want to make. But what are these new and powerful Vampires?

Blood, Brains, or Both for Our Fanged Friends

Vampires, historically, are separate from Zombies, but as stated earlier, this is not so for YGO Vampires. So, your Dark Saviors Vampires are affected by all relevant Zombie cards, from the powerful Zombie Master to D.D. Crow merged with Monster Reborn Book of Life. Because of this connection, expect Vampires to keep coming back, long after death. This is seen nowhere better than in Vampire Familiar, a one star 500 Attack creature that, when Special Summoned, allows you to search your library for a Vampire card and add it to your hand. Additionally, when it's in your graveyard, you can send one Vampire from your hand or field to the grave to Special Summon Vampire Familiar from your graveyard. This, of course, allows you to get a Vampire to your hand. This little guy may not look like much, but he's a powerful engine that can easily set up any (and all) Vampire synergies in your deck.

Vampires are also getting an XYZ monster from the expansion. At the high cost of at least two level 6 monsters, is a 2600 beater that can steal and/or destroy your opponents' monsters. The cost of summoning this may seem difficult but should be manageable when you factor in the ease at which Zombies put creatures in and summon creatures from the grave.

Classic Zombie Support and More

Vampires aren’t the only Zombie-related cards in Dark Saviors! Armageddon Knight is a powerful creature that sets up your grave for your resurrection spells. Plaguespreader Zombie, the recurring two star tuner will help set up your Zombie synchro monsters, should you choose that path. Coming with the Zombies is the Skyfang Brigade and Brandish archetypes. So, get out there, sleeve up those Vampires, and reinvent Zombies in the modern YGO era!