Set Information

Take Flight, Dawn of Majesty!

On August 12th, a new core set expansion will be hitting the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, bringing 100 new cards to the game. The set's theme is the iconic Stardust Dragon, which will be reprinted as one of the set's elusive Starlight Rares. Two of its upgraded forms, Majestic Star Dragon and Shooting Star Dragon, which each were the boss monsters of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's two seasons, combine their effects and shine as one in Shooting Majestic Star Dragon, the set's cover card. Alongside a handful of other Stardust-themed cards, some of them being references to scenes from the animated series, this protagonist's deck can finally pack a punch.

Despia Monsters and Branded Traps Brings a New Storyline to Dogmatika

Among the other new strategies are the Despia Monsters and the Branded Spells and Traps. This new storyline reads like a new chapter in the Dogmatika storyline, with plenty of references in terms of both artwork and card effects. If you fancy yourself a protagonist rather than a creature of questionable alignment, the Magikey cards might be your thing. Clavkiys, the Magikey Skyblaster is eager to learn new tricks and undergo many magical transformations in the form of Fusions and Rituals to become the ultimate RPG main character. Other new themes, which might need some extra support in upcoming sets, are the Gunkan Suship archetype based on giant boats made from literal sushi, the Beetroopers that are certain to bring a bit of a buzz to all those who love insect decks, and the Swordsoul archetype which currently will be just The Iris Swordsoul but is doing great things in the OCG.

Revamping Old Strategies and Spicy Singles

As always, there's also plenty of cards to support old themes. Dawn of Majesty also has cards for Aliens and Triamids, as well as giving us the last few cards we were still missing from the Vrains animated series' decks, Gouki, Tindangle, Dinowrestler and Trickstar. One of the most talked about single cards would have to be Ready Fusion, a reimagining of the classic cards Instant Fusion and Magical Scientist. Ready Fusion lets you pay 1,000 Life Points just like Instant Fusion, to summon out a level 6 or lower Fusion Monster without an effect, just like Magical Scientist often used to do when it was still legal. There are dozens of interesting targets for it already, but a new one in this set is Allvain the Essence of Vanity, which is a level 2 Tuner Fusion. This card will certainly come in handy when building any sort of Synchro-based deck.

At a classic 9 cards per pack among which you are guaranteed at least a Super Rare, Dawn of Majesty has plenty of cool cards to dig for. Not only does the set come with no less than 10 Secret Rares and 14 Ultra Rares, but you'll also have the opportunity to look for a handful of cards from this set that will come in Collector's Rare! Will you make a wish upon a star and crack some packs?