Name: Destiny Soldiers Number of cards: 60 Release Date: 17 / November / 2016 Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese This is the rarity distribution for Destiny Soldiers: 20 Secret Rares / 40 Super Rares

Set Information

Destiny Soldiers is a special release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game that will introduce some archetypes that used to be exclusive to the OCG. In this way, it can be compared to the Hidden Arsenal sets that have been discontinued, effectively turning Destiny Soldiers into their successor.

The release of the set was scheduled for October 2016, but it ultimately got delayed until November the 17th. It consists of 60 cards, 30 of which have been released before. All boosters come with 5 cards, with each pack featuring 4 Super as well as 1 Secret Rare card. Overall, the set consists of 20 Secret Rares and 40 Super Rares.

The Abyss Actors

The Abyss Actors are monsters played by the anime character Sylvio Sawatari. Their goal is to overpower your opponent with Pendulum Summons. They also work well together with the “Abyss Script” Spell Cards as their effects allow you to search them from your deck and set them directly on your side of the field.

The first effect of the Spell Cards usually provides you with a minor benefit, e.g. preventing your Abyss Actors from destruction in battle. The second effect is often much more powerful, however, to trigger it, your opponent needs to destroy the “Abyss Script” Spell Card while it’s set on your side of the field. Since your opponent knows which of your cards are Abyss Scripts (you often searched for them earlier with the effect of your Abyss Actors), it’s going to be rather challenging to trigger these powerful effects reliably.

One good example is Abyss Script - Rise of the Abyss King; the Spell allows you to destroy as many face-up cards as Attack Position “Abyss Actor” monsters with different names you control. If you also happen to control a Level 7 or higher “Abyss Actor” monster, your opponent won’t be able to chain to the effect activation. Additionally, if the card gets destroyed by an opponent’s card effect while it’s set on your side of the field and while you have a face-up “Abyss Actor” in your Extra Deck, you get to add 2 “Abyss Actor” or “Abyss Script” cards with different names from your deck to your hand.

Return of the Destiny HEROES

The set also features a number of Destiny HEROES, among them reprints like Diamond Dude, Dogma and Malicious as well as a couple of brand new cards. Fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime will have a number of reasons to rejoice as the new cards might be able to put the archetype back on the map.

With Dystopia, the monster family receives a new Fusion Monster that can be summoned using any 2 Destiny HEROES. It packs quite a punch with its 2800 ATK and it allows you to destroy an opponent’s monster if Dystopia’s current ATK differs from its original ATK. You also get to inflict some burn damage after summoning Dystopia, which might be enough to finish a closely contended game.

Thanks to the new trap D-Fusion, you’ll be able to Fusion Summon Dystopia during your opponent’s turn and he won’t be able to destroy your boss monster through card effects or battle, effectively ensuring that you’ll get some more use out of the heavy hitter.

Yet another welcome addition is Destiny HERO - Celestial as it allows you to destroy a face-up Spell Card once it declares an attack. Considering that cards in the Pendulum Zone are considered face-up Spell Cards, this card could become a very important piece in the new Destiny HERO decks that will be able to combat the ever present Pendulum Decks. It also allows you to draw 2 cards if you don’t have any cards in your hand by banishing it together with another “Destiny HERO” monster from your graveyard.

Rise of the Fallen

All of the “Darklord” monsters are DARK Fairies that represent angels that have fallen from grace. This archetype has been around since 2008, however, some of the members of the monster family only now get to show their true colors. That is why “Marie the Fallen One” and “Nurse Reficule the Fallen One” will be reprinted with different names that will better show that they belong to this archetype; their new names will be “Darklord Marie” and “Darklord Nurse Reficule”.

Many of their effects require you to pay Life Points, so you will have to be careful when you’re playing the deck as you can’t afford to take too many hits. It’s one of the risk vs. reward strategies that can easily backfire, but that is what tends to make these decks all the more fun to play.

Many of the new monsters allow you to activate the effect of a “Darklord” Spell or Trap in your graveyard by paying 1000 LP. Afterwards, the Spell Card will be shuffled back into your deck, which means you’re probably going to activate it yet another time. This also means that the archetype should work well together with effects that send cards directly from your deck to your graveyard.

The most important card of the deck is Banishment of the Darklords, a powerful searcher that allows you to add any “Darklord” card from your deck to your hand (except another copy of the card itself). Over the course of a game, you’ll often get to activate this effect 3 or more times, allowing you to shape your hand to deal with whatever it is that your opponent is throwing your way. This gives the deck a lot of stability, as long as you’re able to pay for the repeat activations of the card with your monster effects.

Another thing many “Darklord” cards have in common are discard effects. Darklord Ixchel allows you to discard it together with another “Darklord” monster to draw 2 cards. Basically, it’s the Destiny Draw of this particular archetype and it will certainly see a lot of play in dedicated “Darklord” decks.


One of the most important aspect of sets like Destiny Soldiers are reprints of existing cards that make it much easier for players on a tighter budget to get their hands on some much sought after cards. The most powerful reprint in the set is Allure of Darkness, a definitive staple in many decks that run a high number of DARK monsters. If you don’t need the DARK monsters to remain in your graveyard after they were sent there, you can also play The Beginning of the End which can create gigantic card advantage in the late game.

Overall, Destiny Soldiers is a great release that will push a number of different decks thanks to powerful reprints, a brand new archetype as well as new additions for existing decks.