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Revisiting Iconic Monsters in Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series

In similar fashion to the Legendary Duelists: Season 1 set, Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series is a compilation set featuring both the best of past Dragons of Legend sets as well as brand new cards, never before seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Every Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series mini-box includes two 18-card packs containing colorful ultra rare cards and exclusive preview cards from the upcoming Phantom Rage expansion (releasing on November 2020).

One Tenth of a Thousand Dragon

Longtime Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are already familiar with the iconic Thousand Dragon, the adult version of Baby Dragon. But how about taking a little step back in its life? Introducing: Hundred Dragon! A Level 4 Dragon who’s able to increase its level by 1 and attack by 100 points for each other card you control. Upon being sent to the GY, it can also protect one of your monsters that was Special Summoned from the extra deck from being destroyed by battle or card effect once. Since most powerful effects in Yu-Gi-Oh! are once per turn, this protection effect might make the difference between your boss monster getting destroyed or staying on the field for one extra turn and winning you the game.

Icons Reimagined

Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series contains many more iconic cards with either brand new artwork, like the popular Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight, or a never-before-seen new form of a preesxisting card! We already talked about Hundred Dragon, but there’s more. 

Jinzo - Layered is a Level 6 Xyz Monster, capable of taking control of an opponent’s monster until the end phase. Although its effects are negated and it cannot attack, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a Tribute, Link material, or whatever other summoning frenzy you have in mind. Additionally, if there is a Trap card on the field, this new member of the Jinzo family is able to Tribute one of your monsters (like the one you took control of) and destroy any face-up card on the field.

There’s more to it than just Jinzo - Layered though. Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series includes even more blasts from the past! How about a new Harpie Lady Synchro: Cyber Slash Harpie Lady, which, whenever a Spell, Trap, or Effect card is activated, she can return either an opponent’s monster or a Harpie monster you control to the hand.

Saving the last, but not the least for the people who want to get into the Joey Wheeler spirit, there is the Time Wizard of Tomorrow! It’s literally a modern Time Wizard Fusion monster with either a Raigeki or Dark Hole effect depending on the results of a coin flip.

Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series includes many interesting cards for both collectors and players of the game! The set releases on 10 September 2020 – make sure you don’t miss out!