Set Information

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Power Starts Spring 2019 with a Bang

As the name suggests, Duel Power is all about POWER. Not only does it include reprints of popular tournament-level cards, but it also introduces new cards for existing decks to power them up even further. Thunder Dragons, Prophecies, and Aromas are just some of the archetypes that get brand-new support in this all-foil set.

Duel Power contains 100 Ultra Rare cards, consisting of 60 reprints and 40 brand-new cards that were previously exclusive to Japan. Each Duel Power Collector's Set contains six 5-card booster packs and six variant art cards.

Put Your Cards Where I Can See Them!

Pull over and make room for one of the new cards in Duel Power: Beat Cop from the Underworld is a generic Link 2 DARK Fiend monster that can protect other cards on the field by Tributing one of your other monsters. Not only does she offer protection, but she also makes it easier to Link Summon popular Link Monsters like Summon Sorceress. This strategy might prove to be useful with the Evil Eye archetype that released prior to this set, since they are all Fiend types.

Cyber Dragon Nachster is a new addition to the Cyber Dragon family. He is able to Special Summon a machine with 2100 ATK or DEF from your graveyard, setting you up for an instant Cyber Dragon Sieger (released in Cybernetic Horizon).

But a cop and a Cyber Dragon are only the tip of the iceberg. There's much more to be discovered. Take a gander at Thunder Dragon Thunderstormech, a Thunder Dragon Link Monster that can copy the effects of your banished Thunder Dragons. Or how about a Pot of Duality for your Spellbook cards in the form of a Link monster called Crowley, the First Propheseer? Duel Power has you covered!

Classic Cards with a New Look and Much Needed Reprints

Each Duel Power box comes with six promo cards featuring the boss monster of each anime protagonist up until the VRAINS era – in exclusive new artwork! This includes never before seen artworks for Dark Magician, Stardust Dragon, and Decode Talker.

Just like in Legendary Collection Kaiba (released March 2018), this set is filled to the brim with amazing reprints. The powerful Nekroz cards got their arsenal restored during the most recent banlist, so naturally, this calls for reprints of their most popular cards. With only one printing in The Secret Forces (2015), Nekroz reprints have been long overdue and this is where Duel Power delivers. Furthermore, even the Ghost Girls that always seem to find their way into top decks make an appearance in this set. Still looking for a Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit or Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion to complete your deck?

Mark 4 April 2019 on your calendars, so you don’t miss out on Duel Power. Each set has an MSRP of $ 29.99 (approx. 29,99 €).